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Kitchen Essential Tools *Video* Paleo, Whole30 Gluten-free

15 Feb

Happy Friday!

Let’s end the week with a video, shall we? Check out the tools that I use weekly in my kitchen to make life MUCH easier. There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to making meals at home, especially if you haven’t done much cooking previously. It was a challenge for me for a while but now I’ve developed some shortcuts to make meal prep a lot easier. These tools are examples of how I help speed up the cooking process … Let me know if you have suggestions or questions.

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Have a great weekend!

~ Kate

KateUpdates Kitchen Essential Tools

Whole Foods, Power Outage and My Grocery Basket for 1.28.13

31 Jan

So, I had an adventure during my grocery trip this week. It all started when I got home from grocery shopping at Whole Foods … First of all, I love Whole Foods. I will say, the first couple times I went, I felt rather overwhelmed with all the options. The layout of the fruits and veggies was confusing because they put the organic options at the forefront and I thought that was all they had. Don’t get me wrong, I like organic but I’m also not one of those people who has to have organic produce. I like to choose local produce when possible but I like to save money too. Anyway, if you haven’t been to Whole Foods yet, you should definitely go for the experience.

It’s like a Target for all natural, organic and specialty foods. I can always find coconut aminios and other stuff like that. Warning: You will most likely spend more than you usually do if you visit Whole Foods because they have such convenient, Paleo-friendly stuff it’s easy to over-spend. All that to say, I got my groceries and was feeling all on top of it, ready to share my grocery basket with you.

Then, it happened. I arrived at home and found that the power was completely out in the entire building and city block.

A little background for you, Daniel and I live at the top of a 17-story building. When the power is out, the elevators, refrigerator and lights do NOT work. After walking up 10 of flights of stairs with my groceries (OMG), I realized that I didn’t fully think my “just suck it up and do it” strategy through … why would I bring my cold groceries up to my non-running fridge?? Oops. SO anyway … I proceeded to take my groceries BACK down the stairs and out to the car. I then used my cell phone as  light to get up the 17 flights of stairs. Whew. I made that count as my workout for Sunday. My calves were on fire.

It’s funny how we take things like electricity for granted. After that whole ordeal I was ready to call it a night and just do some work and update my blog … but no power means no internet. Oh yeah, that makes sense … SO, that was this week’s grocery adventure. I will say that Daniel and I got creative and pulled out all the candles and it was nice to not have any extra noise or distractions. However, I’d much rather have electricity, thank you very much!

Oh, and here are the contents of my grocery basket:

KateUpdates Grocery Basket 1.28.13

I somehow managed to forget coconut milk (boo!) so I had to make a quick trip to pick some up. Also, that Goya coconut milk that Daniel picked up during our last shopping trip? No good. It was all separated and it actually contained nitrates. Yuck. So, avoid that brand.

2 cartons of eggs

1 half gallon of milk (for Daniel)

2 filets

1 lb ground beef

1 pack of all natural brats

1 pack of all natural spicy italian sausage

1 lb of bacon

1 pack of green beans

1 carton of baby bella whole mushrooms

Brussel sprouts

1 eggplant (I had never cooked with eggplant before so this was a risk. It turned out great! I’ll share the recipe next week.)

1 carton of guacamole (SO good but more pricey than making it yourself)

2 russet potatoes

3 sweet potatoes

1 garlic bulb

1 yellow onion

1 english cucumber

2 packs of jerky


2 apples

almond butter

2 pears

dates (I’m going to make a bacon-wrapped date recipe for the big game on Sunday … will share.)

5 Larabars

What did you get at the grocery store this week? Did you take any food risks like I did with the eggplant? Share your grocery list on my Facebook page!

~ Kate


Not All Coconut Oil is Created Equal: How to Choose the Right Coconut Oil

28 Jan

Happy Monday!

I was going to share this post with you yesterday but the power went out to our building. I had to leave my groceries in the car to keep them cold and walk up 17 flights of stairs in the dark. It was an adventure to say the least.

Anyway, as many of you know, I’ve been eating Paleo since August and I’ve been using coconut oil ever since. I initially heard rave reviews about how great coconut oil is and how wonderful it makes your food taste. Well, that wasn’t really my experience. Turns out, there’s a HUGE difference between coconut oils. So I made a video for you, explaining the difference and what to look for/avoid when it comes to choosing a coconut oil.

Coconut oil can be used to cook, saute and fry in place of butter and shortening. You can use it for baking, too. OH and I just found out that it can help keep colds and even the flu at bay because it contains lauric acid. Lauric acid converts to monolauri to fight for your immune system.

KateUpdates Coconut Oil

Enjoy and I hope this video gives you a little more insight into which type of coconut oil to choose and spares you from making the mistake I did.


~ Kate

*Disclaimer: I’m not trying to bash/promote a specific brand. These are my opinions based on a some research.