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How to Restart Your Diet and Fitness Pt. 2 [VIDEO]

28 Jun

Happy Friday!

It’s time for another video! This is the second in a three-part series talking about how to restart your diet and fitness. I’ve been living this for the past couple weeks and wanted to report some of my progress and share four more tips to help you get back on track if you’re struggling.

I’ve been getting back to running over the past few weeks and I’m really starting to reap the benefits of regular exercise. I can tell because I have more energy and feel amazing. I’m more alert and feel more positive about my body (even though nothing has changed physically, mentally I can feel change.) I’ve also been drinking a ton of water, and keeping it as Paleo as possible.

You CAN Be Healthy Despite a Crazy Schedule

One big encouragement I want to give you is that you CAN have a healthy diet despite being busy. It may not be as exciting as all those pretty food blogs you see out there but that doesn’t matter. It’s about finding foods and meals that work for you and incorporating them into your daily routine. Maybe you rotate the same foods throughout the week because they’re healthy, tasty and don’t bore you. That’s OK !

It’s About You

Remember, this is about YOU and YOUR health not someone else. Do what works for you as long as it’s healthy and leading you into becoming a better, stronger, happier person.

Click the image to view Pt. 2 in this video series …

Happy Weekend!

~ Kate How to Restart Your Diet and Fitness Pt. 2

Change is coming … What do YOU want?

26 Jun

Hello Friends!

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve updated. So, I want to take a minute to explain why that is the case and what I’ve been up to. I’ve also got some fun ideas I want to get your opinion on …

Time to Fess Up

First, I have to be completely honest: I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. I’ve been seeing it as another item on my ‘to do’ list and it keeps getting pushed back. On the one hand, I’m sorry about that because I’ve missed you all. On the other, I think I needed the break to appreciate how much I do enjoy sharing in the journey of life and health with you. That said, thanks for your patience and I’m back 😉

Business and Pleasure

If you’ll recall, I launched my own start-up communications agency, Belle Communications, back in January. It’s been 6 months already! Business has really taken off and I’m SUPER thankful. At the same time, that’s resulted in a lot of new challenges in time management and just learning business in general. It’s kept me super busy to the point of feeling like I had too much on my plate. So, I started recruiting help and now I can breathe, think and continue to grow my business.

It’s been a fast, crazy, exciting journey and I can’t wait to see where the next 6 months take me.

What Do YOU Want ?

That brings me back to this blog. I’ve shared hundreds of inspirational thoughts, recipes, videos and challenges with you. I’ve been thinking about where I want to take this blog in the future and I want your input because this is just as much about you as me. I have lots of ideas but I want to make sure you’re on board. So tell me …

  • What kind of posts do you like reading the most?
  • Should I just keep posting as I have been or would you rather me do something like a daily video series?
  • Would you like to receive an inspirational note emailed to you every day?
  • How about a weekly or monthly email with health/Paleo resources, recipes and the latest from this blog?

This is your chance to have a direct impact on the future of this blog and the direction of the “Kate Updates” brand … So chime in below or you can email me: katebfinley (at)

Either way, I’m back so watch out 😉

Thank you so much for faithfully following me and sharing your health journey with me.



The Best is yet to Come

PUSH: Persist Until Something Happens

10 Jun

Happy Monday!

Yesterday I was reminded that my mind can be my biggest asset or worst enemy depending on how I use it or where I let my thoughts lead me … When it comes to accomplishing goals, I can either harness my mind into discipline or let it wonder into laziness. It is possible to overcome temptation and choose self-discipline … it just takes determination and practice. PUSH

It’s All in Your Mind

The true and lasting change you can experience through a disciplined mind is amazing. It seriously fills me with awe when I think about how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time simply by committing my mind to discipline.

There will always be excuses and reason not to pursue your goals. That’s just life. We’re always looking for an easier way to do things and that’s why we buy gadgets from infomercials and why we’re constantly on the look for 10 quick steps to skinny. The fact is that there really isn’t a super shortcut to being healthy.

Change Can Happen Quickly … You Just Have to Try.

The good news is that it actually doesn’t take that long once you commit to it and habits will form that make it easier to be healthy. For example, I completed my first half marathon in May and unfortunately, I strained my hip flexor. That meant that I couldn’t run for 3-4 weeks.

What’s funny is that before accomplishing the goal of a half marathon, I probably would have welcomed the break from running. Instead, I felt sad that I couldn’t run and discouraged because I didn’t want to lose the momentum I had worked so hard to gain. Fast forward a month later and I’m now just starting to run again. Physically, I feel like I’m pretty much starting from square one but mentally I still have the discipline to run a great distance.

It’s the same with eating Paleo. I might take a break for a special occasion but I always go back to that way of eating because I’ve experienced the benefits first hand and have the discipline to get back to my routine. Sure it’s hard sometimes. It’s especially hard if you wait a long time before getting back into your routine but it’s still much easier once you’ve created a habit.

Perspective is Everything

It doesn’t matter how far you have to go before accomplishing your goals or what others around you are doing. It’s all in your mind. You can choose to move forward to success or you can prolong your journey and make things harder on yourself. It takes sacrifice but you are stronger than you think. You’re strong enough to surprise yourself. Go ahead, give it a try and see what you can really do.

It’s all about perspective.

You’re stronger than you know.

~ Kate

P.S. Happy birthday shout out time! It’s Daniel’s birthday today!! I love you, Daniel Clay.