You Want Success? Ditch Easy.

22 Jul

Ditch Easy

The goal of being healthier or getting healthy, never ends. There isn’t a miracle pill, there’s not a foolproof plan, and it doesn’t happen overnight. The same time, the absolute joy that comes from feeling in control of your health is palpable.

It’s important for you to know, that you are not alone. We, are not alone. We’ve all felt out-of-control of our health at one time or another. Most likely, more than once. It’s unavoidable with so many unhealthy options we get on a daily basis, and the emotional ties that can exist between us and food.

Your Health is a Journey Not a Destination.

I had a conversation with my mom last night where we talked about how much adopting a Paleo lifestyle has impacted our lives individually, and our family as a whole. I’m proud to say the process started with me. Then it moved on to my mom and my baby sister, and now my dad and even my grandparents are eating Paleo.

Pretty cool, right? It’s totally awesome! I had no idea when I started this, that so many people would be impacted. It didn’t happen overnight. And that’s the point I want to leave you with today.

Getting healthy takes time. It takes time and commitment and you have to be creative. It’s not easy to run a half marathon, develop healthy eating habits, and face your greatest food temptations as a conqueror. It’s not easy, but it’s absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, worth it.

If You Want Easy, You Don’t Want Success.

Let that sink in for a minute. Easy doesn’t equal success. Hard work, relentless focus and repetition breed success. I know that’s not a fun answer. It’s definitely not something you’d ever see in an infomercial that’s for sure! But, it’s the truth.

  • It’s easy to hit the McDonald’s drive-through instead of getting up early to prepare breakfast.
  • It’s easy to give in when your emotions are high, justifying that evening binge.
  • It’s easy to sleep in and not make time for fitness because you’re “too busy.”
  • It’s easy to lie to yourself.

Easy will never make you fit into your favorite jeans. Easy doesn’t turn heads. Easy isn’t sexy. Easy sucks.

Take Control of Today and Ditch Easy.

I’m not saying I don’t struggle with giving into ‘easy’ every day, because I definitely do. Being healthy is a daily, if not by the minute, commitment. The good news is: you CAN do it. You have the power to say no to easy, and take control of your health.  You have the power to resist temptation, and impress yourself.

It’s a process. It takes time. There is no ‘quick and easy’ way to true health. And, all that time, discipline and commitment makes victory that much sweeter.

Look for opportunities to ditch easy today, and instead move forward on your journey to health.





Hey Kate! I get your post emailed to me and I started noticing that i wasn't getting them anyone so wanted to check out your site.. Curious where you go? I also took an hiatus on writing on my blog and recently have been thinking about it a lot again, but it's such a big commitment and I definitely don't want to be on again off again flakey. Hope you are well and looking forward to another blog post from you. Hope your enjoying your time away and staying healthy! 


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