Be Fearless … The Time for Change is Now.

1 Apr

Still Time to Change

Spring is in the air and change is happening all over nature. It’s time to wear new clothes, clean things out, get outside and take some personal inventory. What about those goals you set back in January? What about those hopes and dreams you’ve been pushing aside because there hasn’t been time or it wasn’t the ‘right’ time? The time is now.

Life happens. That’s just how it is and how it will continue to be until life is no more. One moment you’re following a plan and the next moment everything’s upside down. Or maybe it didn’t happen that fast … maybe it was more of a gradual deviation from the route that was meant to guide you to your destination. Did you lose sight of your goal? Did you get off course or get lost along the way somewhere? Did you stop moving all together?

You’re not a dead person. You’re alive! No matter how far off course you’ve gotten or which detour you took, there is still time to reevaluate, reroute and change the road you’re on. What small changes or big leaps do you need to take in order to make change happen? What’s standing in your way?

Even though you’re not dead, I say we bury some things … Here’s a list to get you started. Let’s permanently put to bed these nasty little culprits that keep hopes, dreams and LIFE from truly happening:

  • Regret
  • Fear
  • Lies
  • Misgivings
  • The opinions of others
  • Excuses

You have today. What will you do with it?

~ Kate



  1. […] it!!!” because I’m ready. I want to challenge you to embrace where you are this spring. Don’t be afraid of where you are. Look back and see how far you’ve come. Then look forward and get excited […]

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