How to Start the Whole30: What is It? What Can I Eat? + Recipes!

23 Mar

KateUpdates Three Rules

It’s time to get down and dirty … It’s time for the Whole30!

Or, “Dirty 30,” which is what I’m calling this next Whole30 adventure that begins Monday. There’s a group of us getting ready to take the plunge for the first or second time and … it’s going to ROCK. I’m excited!

My first Whole30 experience was back in August and it was amazing. I want to encourage you to join me on this next challenge and this post is going to provide you with the tools you need to change your body and mind forever. Remember, if you choose to do this, it is your CHOICE. You are not being restricted. It’s not something you HAVE to do. Instead, you are choosing to treat your body well and reap amazing health benefits for your mind and body. You may even lose some pounds along the way :)

So … Are you ready? The choice is yours. I hope you choose to join us. It’s just 30 days.

What is the Whole30?

Read the official description here.

What can I eat?

Simply put, you can eat: veggies, meat, seafood, fruit, nuts, seeds and healthy oils.  Focus on foods that are completely unprocessed or have only a few ingredients to help ensure you’re making the right choices. Have a question regarding whether an ingredient is Whole30 approved? See the full list here or check the Whole9Life forum here or do a quick Google search.


  • Sugars of all kinds
  • Alcohol/ Tobacco
  • Grains
  • Dairy
  • Legumes
  • Carrageenan, MSG or sulfites
  • White potatoes


  • Check out my video on Whole30 kitchen essentials to help you with your grocery shopping.
  • Here’s a shopping list you can use as a guide from Whole9Life
  • You can buy Whole30 guide, “It Starts with Food,” here.
  • Here’s a list of meal planning resources.
  • and see what other cookbooks I recommend here.
  • Like and visit my Facebook page for daily updates, ideas and inspiration
  • You can sign-up to receive daily emails to guide you through your journey

Meal Planning

Here are some Whole30 Approved breakfast and lunch/dinner ideas to get you started.


Lunch / Dinner

I will be sharing more recipe ideas as we go along and feel free to share your favorite Whole30 approved recipes as well. Let’s DO THIS!

~ Kate

Dawn Maloney
Dawn Maloney

We are doing it again, too!! Roasted butternut squash, spaghetti squash and sweet potatoes and made mayo!! Woohoo!!


I'm in, Kate! Coming home after two weeks on the road, in groups that were committed to 3 full meals a day, I'm a little afraid to step on the scale. Time to clean it up!!

Melissa Hartwig
Melissa Hartwig

Just one correction - baked goods and treats (like those Paleo pancakes you mention above) are never allowed on the Whole30, even if they are made with compliant ingredients. It's one of the key rules of the Whole30 - no "Paleo-fied" baked goods or treats. Google "SWYPO" for more information. Best of luck, Melissa


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