Tea: My Go-To Soft Drink Alternative

8 Mar

Happy Friday!

I realized recently that I haven’t shared one of the staples of my diet: Tea! I’ve always had a sweet spot for tea but since starting Paleo it’s grown into a full-on love affair. I used to drink pop *GASP* so I really wanted to fill that gap with something other than water, especially when eating out. That’s where tea really steps up its game. Most restaurants you go to have different types of hot tea or even iced tea with fruit infusions. So, I order a plain tea hot or cold depending on the selection and my mood and then, I ask if they have honey. Oh how easily I overlooked this natural sweetener when I relied so heavily on refined sugars. Bleck.

Most restaurants have honey so I just stir it into my hot or cold tea and it totally satisfies my desire to ‘mix it up’ in the drink department. If they don’t have honey, I get the tea anyway and usually (as long as it’s not the generic plain kind) it still has a great natural flavor without sweetener.

When I’m home, I’ll often treat myself to this lovely darling:


One caveat it does say that this product has “natural tropical flavor” infused in it. Not sure if that’s bad .. but wanted to give the disclaimer. Let me know if you know more about it!

I’m a huge fan because it tastes naturally sweet. I make it, chill it and have it when I’m wanting something other than water.

What’s your go-to soft drink alternative?

~ Kate

P.S. If you’re still on the fence about giving up pop, look at this (YIKES):

Sugar in Pop KateUpdates


I'm a tea drinker too. I make a big pitcher to sip on during the day. I like flavored green tea, but the flavors of decaffienated green tea are limited so I make my own by combining my favotie herbal tea bags with decaffienated green tea bags.

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