Are Nuts Really Good for You? Are Nuts Paleo?

22 Feb

Happy Friday!

So, I was going to do a video for you today about whether or not beans (legumes) are Paleo but in the process of researching I stumbled on some surprising information that I need to look into more … Apparently, some nuts have more damaging properties than beans or rice do. I didn’t know this. I don’t want to share too much information yet because I’m still researching but I’m curious to know what you all think.

The gist of it, according to what I’m reading, is that there are elements in legumes, rice, grains and nuts called phytates that attach themselves to iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc in your body. The problem is that they remove those elements from your body without giving you the chance to fully process the nutrients. As you can imagine, this can be quite problematic. I’m looking into it and will share a video with you early next week.

Ironically, I was chowing down on some store-bought almond butter as I read all this. An alternative I’m exploring is that you can soak nuts like walnuts and almonds to reduce (or hopefully eliminate?) this effect. This sounds like another important reason to make your own almond butter and almond milk. I eat a lot of almonds so this information is a little alarming to me. Ugh.

So, the question is, are nuts really good for your body? And are they actually Paleo? I’m going to get answers for us. More to come via my video next week …

Have you read anything about phytates? Let me know and please share thoughts/links.

Have a great weekend!

Here’s a recap of my food, too:

Thursday (continued):

Dinner: I just had leftovers (I told you my eating was boring!) I had spicy sausage, tomato sauce and cauliflower puree. I also had a grapefruit and trail mix as snacks.


KateUpdates Breakfast

Breakfast: I really didn’t feel like making anything this morning so I had some almond butter and an apple. I also had coffee with coconut milk. Sadly, I was eating the almond butter as I read about phytates. BOO!

~ Kate



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