What is Paleo? How Do You Do It and What Does it Mean?

7 Jan

Happy Monday!

I’m often asked about the way I eat; what is it, how do you do it and what’s on the eat and foods to avoid list. So, I decided to make a video discussing the Paleo Diet. Eating Paleo is something that has dramatically impacted my life for the better. It’s something that makes me feel better, stronger and happier. I’m at my best when I’m strictly eating Paleo. It’s much more than just avoiding gluten, diary or added sugar. So take a few minutes to check out this video. If you aren’t currently eating Paleo, I strongly encourage you to look into it more and then just dive in!

To jump start your Paleo experience and “reset” your system, I’d highly recommend doing the Whole30 first. I’ll share a video on my experience in doing the Whole30 later this week so stay tuned.

KateUpdates What is Paleo?

I hope you enjoy the video and feel free to leave questions in the comments or join my Facebook Page to get daily Paleo inspiration, recipes and resources.

~ Kate


Great video Kate. You have a great speaking style. If you want some help with a little post production let me know. Cheers. Oh, and yes, I can totally see the benefits of Paleo but you know, I love Italian too much to give it up. My wife has a gluten and dairy allergy so we are already part way there.


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