What I Learned without My TV … Hey, Ma, I think I’m smarter!

3 Dec

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There are so many things I want to share with you and I’m using as much self-control as I can muster to pace myself so I can give each topic its due attention. Seriously, I had to chop off half of this post because it was getting too long. Lots of interesting things are taking shape lately. Sometimes, change happens so fast that you don’t even notice it has happened until you’re seemingly light-years away. Know what I mean? It’s Crazy …
No TV for a Month: Reflections ...So, as you may recall, I made the commitment to go the entire month of November without TV. It was definitely challenging at times but overall, it was probably my easiest 30-Day Challenge yet. Some reflections from the month:
  • Commercials are even more annoying. Even though I wasn’t watching TV, I was definitely around it almost every day. There are SO MANY commercials. Wow. I really became aware of all the “noise” TV produces … especially during the holidays! It’s upsetting.
  • My mind feels WAY less cluttered. I feel like I can think clearer because I wasn’t “relaxing” via watching the TV. I actually had time to think not just put things on auto-pilot.
  • Increased Productivity and organization. My house is cleaner and more organized because I literally had hours of extra time on my hands.
  • I’m more social. I literally setup more Skype calls than I had ever participated in before during the month of November. I had more time to think about the people I care about and make an effort to connect with them.
  • I think I’m actually … Smarter! Because I didn’t have the TV as an entertainment source, I relied heavily on blogs, books (thank you Tina) and podcasts. I can definitely feel the difference mentally.
  • Some TV is OK. What really stood out to me was that “TV time” was something Daniel and I used to decompress and bond over. We like watching Chopped, American Pickers and Tosh.0. We also like watching movies together. I will definitely incorporate these things back in but I plan on cutting out the majority of my Hulu time unless I’m watching it with him. If we’re watching a movie or show together and interacting, to me, that can be seen as more of an investment vs. my watching shows on my own.
Stand-Up Desk Experiment: UPDATE

  • So, I’m still standing at my desk! My advice if you’re considering trying it for yourself … Wear comfortable shoes, put a mat under your feet and read my post about it.
  • I did several weeks of standing all day and have now moved to half days.
  • I’m actually purchasing a stand-up desk, which I’m really excited about. I like it because it can be added to any current desk you have and it can be adjusted easily.
  • My overall review of standing at my desk? I love it! I have more energy, increased productivity and my lower back doesn’t hurt much (if at all).

#nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month): It’s over.

I wanted to give you a brief update on the novel I was writing. The update is brief because I don’t have much to report other than I realized I do not have the desire to write a novel at this point in my life. I jumped into the challenge but about 10k words in realized I just didn’t want to do it. SO … Yeah. It was a great way to loosen up and get more comfortable with writing lots of content at a quicker pace though so I’m thankful for that. A helpful e-book that can be shared with you all sounds more practical and appealing to me … maybe down the road. (hint, hint)

More great things to come …

~ Kate


Hi Kate. Found your blog via the Vocus webinar. Inspring stuff. Congrats on your accomplishments. I've been traditional-tv-free for a few years and will never go back. I do still pick and choose select shows online, and I listen to a lot of podcasts. Your observations are spot-on about being more social and less cluttered. Good luck, and keep going! :)

Barrett Rossie (@barrettrossie)
Barrett Rossie (@barrettrossie)

A month with no TV -- good for you! Broadcast and cable tv have become, to me, like pop music. Why would anyone be concerned about what's "new" in music (or fiction, for that matter) when there's great music from all eras, easily available, that has stood the test of time? Why watch some crud on TV when there are great old movies and even TV shows you can watch at your own leisure, without commercials? One good show (an old Perry Mason, perhaps? Or a documentary?) takes the place of 5 crappy current shows.


That is awesome. What made you drop TV? It seems like it would get easier the longer you went without it. Glad you're enjoying the blog. I'm checking yours out now ... Glad to know you!


Oh, you got both Daniel and I in the same comment! I love classic movies (Sabrina and Funny Face are a couple of my favorites) and he is a die-hard documentary fan. I think you make an excellent point. Just because it's NEW doesn't mean it's quality or even good.


I consciously wanted to challenge myself to be entertained in other ways — creative pursuits, reading more, etc. And for the occasional show I wanted to see on my terms, several things coming together at once made that easier, like investing in a laptop, getting wi-fi, and the growing availability of streaming content. Totally, totally worth it.


Well, that is definitely something to consider. The biggest benefit for me so far is that I can actually feel that I'm getting smarter due to the amount of reading/listening I've been doing. It's remarkable!


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