I Dare Me To … I Dare You Too? 30 Days without the Tube

1 Nov

I was standing in my kitchen last night, snacking on some nuts and berries (yes, literally) and I started thinking about October being over and my 30 Days of Fitness Challenge coming to an end. I’ve liked doing these challenges and I’ve heard so many of you share positive feedback on how the Whole30 and the 30 Days of Fitness challenges have helped you too … I started thinking something a little crazy … what if, every month, I chose to start a new habit or to do away with something that results in my being healthier?

Hmm. After experimenting with 30 days of changing how I eat and how often I workout, I can definitely say that it may take me that long to break an old habit and start to form a new one but it’s not concrete yet. It took a while after completing the Whole30 to really feel the habit set in. However, in those 30 days I made up my mind that I would continue on and I got the feelings and results to encourage me to do so.

With each new 30 day challenge I try, I’m gradually making myself more healthy and happy. So I thought I should try something for the month of November. Since it’s cold outside and since all the fall shows are on, TV and Hulu are oh so tempting to indulge in. At the same time, I’ve got plenty of projects to work on, my new-found way of eating and exercising takes time and there are new opportunities crossing my path every day. I simply do not have time to waste watching TV! The opportunity cost is just too great right now.

So …

I’m giving up TV, Hulu, Netflix (no shows/movie watching online) for 30 days. There. It’s done!

Image credit: http://notvfor365days.blogspot.com/

A couple caveats: I won’t leave the room if I’m in a social setting and the TV is on. Instead I’ll engage in conversation or participate in some other activity. Also, I’m a marketer and TV is a valuable part of media that is important for me to stay aware of … So, I’ll keep up with the news and relevant ad campaigns online. Other than that, no HIMYM, 30Rock, The Office, New Girl, **GULP** Grey’s Anatomy and so on  … just look how much time I’m already saving?!

Join me! Leave a message here or write on my Facebook wall or Tweet me if you’re up for this month’s CHALLENGE.

Also, I’m taking suggestions for future 30 day challenges. So if you’ve got one you want me to try, leave a comment and I’ll consider it!

~ Kate

P.S. I’ll update you on my stand-up desk progress and my 30 Days of Fitness RESULTS tomorrow after I measure myself :) Stay tuned …



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