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The Trouble with Spouses (aka When His Isn’t Hers)

10 Jan

KateUpdates his-and-hers

Despite the fact that one of the main reasons I started eating Paleo was because of my husband’s heath issues, Daniel just isn’t getting into the whole “Paleo thing” as much as I’d hoped or as quickly as I thought he would. And sometimes, that really poses a challenge for us. I’ve been thinking about it lately so I thought I’d share some thoughts on this topic and you can chime in as to whether you relate, can share some tips or maybe this post will simply let you know that you’re not alone in the “his and hers” diet dilemma.

Don’t get me wrong … Maybe you’re a guy eating Paleo and your wife just isn’t into it. Or maybe you’re a parent whose having a hard time getting your entire family to eat Paleo (I don’t envy you if that’s the case.) What I’m saying is, I sometimes catch myself admiring those couples that are both into eating healthy together and you should count your blessings if you fall into that category. For the rest of us, not being on the same page dietarily poses some unique challenges.

For example:

  • How often do you eat out?
  • Do you make separate meals?
  • How can you customize meals so that you both enjoy them?
  • Where can you eat out that you both will like?

You can’t really find Paleo-friendly options at a greasy spoon and eating solo just doesn’t sound as romantic, ya know? Daniel is a steak and potatoes guy. He keeps it simple and when he finds something he likes, he rarely deviates from it (much to my chagrin when it comes to sweet potatoes.)

I’m still learning how to be creative in this arena. Breakfast is no biggie for us because we leave the house at different times and lunch is OK too. Dinner is the meal that creates the ever-reoccurring challenge for us. Not just because I’m eating Paleo and he’s not right now but also because he loves eating-out. We both used to go to restaurants all the time and that’s a challenge for us now.

Right now, I’m focusing on finding Paleo-friendly options that he likes. It involves a lot more cooking and time. We also have a quick list in our heads of places that are suitable for my diet and his tastes (Panera, Chipotle, Aladdin’s, steak houses, 5 Guys Burgers and Fries)

One of the ideas that he had that I love is to create a physical menu of places that are OK for me to eat out with him. That way, when I’m really hungry, I can avoid a food crisis and with a quick-reference guide.

How about you? Are you and your spouse on the same diet page? What challenges do you face when it comes to meal planning?

~ Kate

Fitness Challenge RESULTS, Stand-Up Desk + NaNoWriMo

2 Nov

Happy Friday!

30 Days of Fitness Update

Soo. It’s November 2nd and my 30 Days of Fitness Challenge has come to a close. Did you participate? Did you work out for the full 30 days? Did you work out more than you normally do? Answer yes to either and I’m happy for you! This challenge was much more difficult than the Whole30 for me. No, I didn’t cry like I did during the Whole30 but man was it hard for me to motivate myself to work out every day. And, sadly, I didn’t do every day BUT I did do a TON more than I usually do and I really think I’ve made working out on a consistent basis, habitual.


  • I lost inches: 5.25!!! WOW I was not expecting that. That’s: 3/4 from my arms, 2 from my waist, 1.5 from my hips and 1 from each of my thighs.
  • I lost weight: 3lbs – this didn’t make me too happy at first but just another testament that the scale doesn’t define you, the inches lost absolutely surprised and thrilled me!
  • I can run farther: I increased my distance by 1.5 miles! I’m running 3 miles without stopping now :)
  • My endurance has skyrocketed!
  • I feel still feel amazing. As long as I eat clean and workout I’m happy. If I start getting dirty in my eating then my mood is NOT ok. Poor Daniel …

What’s the plan now? I’m going to alternate strength training and running/swimming M-F.

Stand-Up Desk Update

SO! I am super pumped about how this experiment has been going. To read my initial observations, click here. I’ve been standing every day since October 25th, which makes this day #7. The hardest challenge has been to mentally say that I’m not sitting, I’m STANDING. And to keep it that way. Secondly, I’ve had to add comfort inserts for my shoes, where my tennis shoes sometimes and of course I have my trusty mat. Overall, I feel more energy and less lethargic (no afternoon bog down) and I’m actually more productive.

Oh! And I was talking to my boss this morning and he asked if I wanted a stand-up desk since this seemed like it was a long-term thing. Ha! So, I’ll be researching options and let you know what I think.

No Tube Update + NaNoWriMo

Yesterday was my first full day without TV. Daniel did so I took time to do other stuff around the house. Not too bad but a little weird to not plop down in front of the tube while doing other tasks having it playing in the background.

The timing of this challenge is kind of ironic because it also happens to be National Novel Writing Month. My friend, Gini, brought this to my attention as she is writing a novel of her own during this crazy month via nanowrimo.org. Well, the idea of writing a novel, period, terrifies me quite honestly. I love writing but a novel?! That’s 50,000+ words!! What the heck could I write about to that extent?

I’m in the middle of buying a house (cross your fingers everyone) … eating Paleo … working out consistently … working … networking … blogging … wife-ing … And I’m going to write a novel?? That’s crazy talk.

This challenge was definitely short notice  too (since I found out about it yesterday) and I didn’t have a solid story line or even a firmed up idea in mind. So, I did what any reasonable person would do:

I disregarded all those reasons and I decided to do it!

I think I might barf.

Well, I’m signed up and off and writing already. What have I gotten myself into this time? The goal is to write 1660ish words a day, no editing, just keep writing, and have your novel submitted by midnight 11/30/12. As of yesterday, the first day, I have 1778 words written and I’m getting kind of excited. This is going to be quite the challenge.

It never too late to do something that scares you, knowing that you’ll be better, stronger and happier for it.

Happy Weekend!

~ Kate

I Dare Me To … I Dare You Too? 30 Days without the Tube

1 Nov

I was standing in my kitchen last night, snacking on some nuts and berries (yes, literally) and I started thinking about October being over and my 30 Days of Fitness Challenge coming to an end. I’ve liked doing these challenges and I’ve heard so many of you share positive feedback on how the Whole30 and the 30 Days of Fitness challenges have helped you too … I started thinking something a little crazy … what if, every month, I chose to start a new habit or to do away with something that results in my being healthier?

Hmm. After experimenting with 30 days of changing how I eat and how often I workout, I can definitely say that it may take me that long to break an old habit and start to form a new one but it’s not concrete yet. It took a while after completing the Whole30 to really feel the habit set in. However, in those 30 days I made up my mind that I would continue on and I got the feelings and results to encourage me to do so.

With each new 30 day challenge I try, I’m gradually making myself more healthy and happy. So I thought I should try something for the month of November. Since it’s cold outside and since all the fall shows are on, TV and Hulu are oh so tempting to indulge in. At the same time, I’ve got plenty of projects to work on, my new-found way of eating and exercising takes time and there are new opportunities crossing my path every day. I simply do not have time to waste watching TV! The opportunity cost is just too great right now.

So …

I’m giving up TV, Hulu, Netflix (no shows/movie watching online) for 30 days. There. It’s done!

Image credit: http://notvfor365days.blogspot.com/

A couple caveats: I won’t leave the room if I’m in a social setting and the TV is on. Instead I’ll engage in conversation or participate in some other activity. Also, I’m a marketer and TV is a valuable part of media that is important for me to stay aware of … So, I’ll keep up with the news and relevant ad campaigns online. Other than that, no HIMYM, 30Rock, The Office, New Girl, **GULP** Grey’s Anatomy and so on  … just look how much time I’m already saving?!

Join me! Leave a message here or write on my Facebook wall or Tweet me if you’re up for this month’s CHALLENGE.

Also, I’m taking suggestions for future 30 day challenges. So if you’ve got one you want me to try, leave a comment and I’ll consider it!

~ Kate

P.S. I’ll update you on my stand-up desk progress and my 30 Days of Fitness RESULTS tomorrow after I measure myself :) Stay tuned …