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5 Tools to Reset Your Diet After Holiday Eating + Meet My New BFF!

27 Dec

Whew. It’s been about a week since I last updated you and … I’ve missed you! I loved having some time to “unplug” and used the time to plan and recharge for 2013. This next year is totally going to blow the last one out of the water so get ready …

So are you ready to get back into your healthy routine after all that holiday eating? I so am! I took a break over the holidays and I’m really looking forward to feeling completely myself again. If you normally eat Paleo, you know exactly what I mean. When you eat gluten, dairy or other not-so-good-for-you foods, your body gets really disoriented.

My body went through the shock of, “What the heck are you feeding me??” and then settled into, “I guess this is how we are eating again … ” soon followed by, “Can we go back to eating Paleo please?” The good news is that I don’t feel guilty from eating the way I did because I made up my mind before hand that this was a planned break. I am ready to get back into my groove and be even more passionate about cooking at home and working out. Here are 5 resources you can use to get back on track:

  1. 10 Tips to Get Back on Track after holiday eating
  2. Beat temptation with these: 5 Tips to Defeat the Cravings Monster
  3. Use these Meal Planning Ideas to jump-start your diet (plus there’s 43 healthy blog options for you to review!)
  4. And how about 10 Reasons to Eat Clean and Workout
  5. Oh and I strongly urge you to consider doing the Whole30 after the holidays are completely over. It will change your life.

This leads me to my two favorite Christmas gifts this year … (and my new BFF!)

KateUpdates Food Procesor

A rosemary bush and a FOOD PROCESSOR. Ohmygosh I’m so excited!! I have been wanting a food processor for a while and Daniel and I started pricing them out but they were just SO expensive we couldn’t quite commit. Enter my mom. She totally surprised and blessed me with this AMAZING gift. I can do so much more with well, everything. You guys are going to reap the benefits too because I’m going to be sharing many more recipes.


What was your favorite Christmas gift?

~ Kate

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Table: Ditch the Food Guilt!

19 Dec

Christmas is coming! String the lights, bake the cookies, wrap the gifts and sing carols because Christmas is just around the corner. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see my family and eat yummy food and be merry. Daniel and I are working on a musical surprise for our families and oh I simply cannot WAIT!

Last night we enjoyed some homemade eggnog from a friend (not Paleo but delicious nonetheless) and sang Christmas carols. It was glorious and full of giggles.

KateUpdates Eggnog

Of course, it’s important to set yourself up for success when it comes to these holiday gatherings. What’s your game plan? What will you eat and how much? Will you workout? The tricky part about Christmas is that it is immediately followed by New Year’s Eve parties, New Years Day meals together and, in my case, my birthday (January 2, ahthankyaverymuch.) So that means you have family gatherings, Christmas cookies, drinks with friends and birthday cake all in just over a week! Talk about overload!

My plan? I’m going to review my post on avoiding food guilt over the holidays and I’m going to maintain my workout routine. I’ll also stick to Paleo foods for the most part, as I did during Thanksgiving, and be aware of portions. Basically, the key to avoiding food-guilt and overload is to listen to your body. Don’t eat like the world’s going to end.

Instead, take your time and enjoy the moment.

Hooray for Christmas!


~ Kate

Namaste and Ninja Salutations: Is Yoga Just for Vegan Hippies?

30 Nov

Yoga anyone?

Uh, yoga, much?

There’s the time when you think about it, turning the idea over and over in your mind. Then there’s the moment when you just do it.

Wow. This is the last day of November 2012. Let’s make it big, OK?

Looking forward to December, I’d like to explore an activity that has previously eluded me: Yoga. Why? First, I’m just very curious about it. Secondly, as I’ve been working out more, I’ve started to feel the need for more stretching. You know the feeling. Tight legs, tense back and just feeling like you need a good stretch. I did P90x before I got married and I still have the YogaX DVD, which I use occasionally (it’s killer) but I’ve been wondering about yoga and think it’s time to take it to the next level.

So, I want to spend the month of December exploring yoga. This isn’t a 30-day thing where you have to do yoga every single day but I am going to make a pointed effort to learn more and explore it.

Are you up for the challenge? If your answer is no, maybe you should refer back to the above photo …Now, THAT is inspirational! OK maybe a little painful looking but what if you got that flexible? Talk about an achievement!

So let’s do it. Let’s explore yoga for the month of December together. I’ll share bits of info and helpful videos and you can share what you find too by posting it within my Facebook community.

OK to start, let’s take a look at what we think about yoga so we can compare it to what we have learned a month from now. This is what I think of Yoga right now …

Words that come to mind when I think of yoga:

  • Vegan
  • Hippie
  • Clean eating
  • Yogi
  • New-age
  • Pants

What I know about yoga right now:

  • You can get increased flexibility
  • It helps with mental tranquility
  • The workouts are full of targeted, deliberate movements and balances
  • If you do it enough (coupled with clean eating) you can get really toned
  • Gini has yet to acquire a taste for it, while Rebecca Todd and Robbert Downy, Jr. love it.

So what do you think? Do you practice yoga? Love it? Hate it? Curious to try it? Can you do that move pictured above?!?

~ Kate

P.S. I think I’m going to start sharing some videos on what Paleo is, what I think about the Whole30 and why you should do it, etc. Let me know if there are other topics you’d like more input on. 😉