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Have You Celebrated Yourself Lately?

11 Mar

KateUpdates Just DID it.

The weather was crazy over here in Ohio-land this weekend. It was in the upper 50’s on Saturday and yesterday, it was 68 degrees!! I am now officially cleaning out my closet and preparing for spring. That’s it. I cannot wait any longer! The weather wasn’t the only crazy thing that happened this weekend … I actually went running (!) AND I ran over 5 miles (!!!) blasting my previous distance (4 miles) out of the water. I’m so proud of myself.

As I was running in the gorgeous windy, sunshiney weather I was reminded about the need to celebrate. I don’t think we celebrate ourselves enough. I know I don’t. I’m talking about celebrating when you accomplish goals whether they’re little or big. Taking a breath and embracing the moment. Appreciating your hard work and acknowledging how far you’ve come.

Let’s take a moment right now and celebrate our accomplishments. There are definitely some amazing milestones worth celebrating.

  • Did you resist food temptation? Celebrate!
  • Did you workout when you didn’t feel like it? Celebrate!
  • Did you just beat a personal fitness record? Celebrate!
  • Have you made progress toward your 2013 goals? Celebrate!
  • Have you cut out negative influences resulting in a healthier you? Celebrate!

There are so many reasons to celebrate and we pass them by all too often. Today, my challenge to you is to give yourself a pat on the back. Do a crazy little dance. Jump up and down. Sing or shout and celebrate yourself. You deserve it.

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~ Kate

P.S. I have an exciting announcement! Very soon (maybe even in the next week!) I will be moving to a self-hosted site. You’ll be able to find me at KateUpdates.com (much easier than my previously long url). This will enable me to offer more helpful resources so I’m really excited about it. I will also be changing the look and feel of my blog so it’s going to be pretty awesome. Just a heads up … more to come!

Kitchen Essential Tools *Video* Paleo, Whole30 Gluten-free

15 Feb

Happy Friday!

Let’s end the week with a video, shall we? Check out the tools that I use weekly in my kitchen to make life MUCH easier. There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to making meals at home, especially if you haven’t done much cooking previously. It was a challenge for me for a while but now I’ve developed some shortcuts to make meal prep a lot easier. These tools are examples of how I help speed up the cooking process … Let me know if you have suggestions or questions.

OH and please subscribe to my Youtube channel :)

Have a great weekend!

~ Kate

KateUpdates Kitchen Essential Tools

What an Average Paleo Day Looks Like (VIDEO)

5 Feb

I made another video for you! Lately, people have been asking about what exactly I eat throughout the week and on a daily basis. What does a typical day look like? Well, this post will explore just that. You may be surprised to find that I’m a pretty boring eater in that I like to eat the same things often. For example, I’m perfectly content with eating eggs, bacon and shredded sweet potato hash browns for breakfast, every day, for a week. Some of you won’t want to do that. You’ll need to mix it up more.

I also am a big fan of leftovers because that means I don’t have to make a new meal every single day. When you’re eating unprocessed food that is gluten/dairy/soy free that means you’re making most of your meals. So, leftovers can be a real time-saver. That’s where my slow cooker comes in! I can make meals that last for days with my slow cooker.

I’ve mentioned before that I like to keep things simple and under 8 ingredients whenever possible. That means that most of the recipes I make are super easy and not very time-consuming. I’m not a chef and I have no aspirations to be one.

All that said, I mention a couple recipes in the below video, which are listed here:

KateUpdates Paleo

~ Kate