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What is the Whole30? (And why you should do it!)

14 Jan

Happy Monday!

Are you ready to rock this week? You have a whole new week to be amazing to yourself and those around you. You can do it! To jump-start your week, it’s video time again. This time, I’m talking about the Whole30. If you haven’t done the Whole30, the long and short of it is that it will transform your mind and body and your relationship with food. The “Cravings Monster” will no longer be your master. Read my Whole30 success story here and click the image below to view the video I made for you.

Oh, and for more information on the Whole30, visit Whole9Life.com

What is the Whole30?

~ Kate

Hit the Ground Running: Tips for Achieving Your Food and Fitness Goals

3 Jan

KateUpdates RUN
Since it’s the new year, many of us have set goals or made resolutions to eat healthier, quit a bad habit, drink less and/or workout more.
Whether you’re starting a workout routine for the first time, running a half marathon, starting the Whole30,  eating clean or Paleo my hope is that these tips will help you get a head-start to be healthier and happier in 2013.
  1. Make a plan. What are your goals? Make sure that they are realistic for where you are right now and then write them down and put them somewhere you can easily and regularly refer back to them. Add dates to each goal and create smaller, milestone goals with dates to help you know where you are in achieving your goals.
  2. Tell the world. I’ve found it really helps me to achieve my goals (see 30 Day Challenges) to tell as many people as possible.  Announcing your goals can increase the likelihood that you’ll accomplish them. So share it on your Facebook status, tell your friends, family and coworkers.
  3. Eliminate temptation. What is the greatest challenge you face in accomplishing your goals? What could get in the way? This may mean that you skip on some social events to avoid eating out initially. Drinks after work may have to go until you get control. Be relentless. Don’t worry about what others think. This is your body, your mind and your life. Take charge of it!
  4. Team up. As you go around telling others about your goal, notice if others have goals similar to yours and offer to help encourage each other. You can also join a Facebook group and find local support groups or online communities to help strengthen your resolve. I did Weight Watchers years ago and there was tremendous value in the weekly “check-ins” for me.
  5. Keep you eye on the prize. You know that plan you made earlier? Look at it daily or even hourly if you need to. Use sticky notes, markers or iPhone reminders as necessary. Get a little crazy for the sake of accomplishing your goals. Don’t forget the big picture. The temporary pleasure of a cookie or skipping a workout isn’t worth a missed goal. You only have one life and you recognized that change was needed. Stay strong and use your support group. You’re stronger than you give yourself credit.
Looking for more detailed resources? Read some of my past posts about getting on the right track after the holidays by clicking here.

What are some of your “live better” goals for 2013?

Do you have any tried and true tips you’d add to this list?

~ Kate

It’s 2013 and 28 Years …

2 Jan

KateUpdates 28 Years

“New Year” has always held a double meaning for me. You see, my birthday is today so the idea of starting fresh and being given the gift of a new year is doubly significant for me. Today I am 28 years old. Wow. For some of you that may sound old but for most it probably still seems young. At least, I hope so. How do I feel about my age? Well, I think it feels right. I’m aware that I’m older than I was in college but I still feel very young and believe that the best of life is standing before me with open arms.

I took the day off as a gift to myself and I’m currently sitting in my robe and slippers and drinking coffee. It’s glorious.

Birthdays are a big deal to me. If you know me, you know this is true. I love throwing birthday parties for people. I’ve thrown many parties over the years and each one makes me just so happy. There’s something beautiful about birthdays. I love taking a whole day to bask and celebrate the life of one person. It brings me a ton of joy.

Today’s my day and I couldn’t be happier. Last year was the best year of my marriage and the most valuable of my career to date. I literally changed my life last year. I left a job that was sucking the life out of me, I completely transformed the way I eat and respect my body and I learned to love more deeply and unconditionally than ever before.

Looking into this next year of my life and the New Year of 2013, I expect nothing less than greatness. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this year, the year 2013, my 28th year, will be extraordinary. And you know what? I’m so glad you’re here to join in this journey and share the year together.

May we settle for nothing and know that we can change anything this year. It’s the year of extraordinary, breathtaking, life-transforming things and we’ve only just begun.

~ Kate

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