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Campaign Victory OR Comfort Food: Maple-Glazed Peppered Salmon Recipe (YUM!)

7 Nov

Yay! The election is over … Now we feast.

Whew, yesterday was crazy. It was harder to do the no TV for 30 days thing with all the election stuff but I checked Twitter and news sites to keep informed. Whether your candidate won or lost, I thought you could use the delectable Maple-Glazed Peppered Salmon recipe below. It’s seriously DELICIOUS. The catch is, you can’t really it it for dinner tonight, you have to wait until it marinates.


Maple-Glazed Peppered Salmon

It’s Paleo. It’s delicious.

1. Here’s what you’ll need:


Salmon. This can be frozen or fresh (it tastes best with fresh but frozen is wasn’t bad.)
Maple Syrup
Coconut Aminios (or soy sauce if you aren’t eating Paleo)
Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Large plastic, resealable bag.

2. Here’s what you’ll do:

Put Salmon in plastic bag. Add 1 C Maple Syrup and 1/4 Coconut Aminios (or soy sauce if you aren’t eating Paleo) and then seal the bag. Carefully work the bag so that the liquids mix.

Next, open the bag and let as much air out as possible so that the bag starts hugging (aw cute) the fish. Make sure the glaze mixture covers the fish at least halfway. Put in the fridge, on a plate, for 12-24 hours (up to 48 is fine if you want to have it for dinner 2 nights in a row), turning the bag over to glaze the other side, halfway through the process.

The longer you marinate, the better. You can actually have this for dinner 2 nights in a row or dinner and then lunch. Believe me, you’ll want to have it more than once.

Save the pepper for later, when you bake.

3. Done marinating. Time to bake!

Preheat your oven to 500 degrees. Take your fish out of the fridge and grab a cookie sheet or baking dish and cover it with foil.


4. Get that fish in the oven!

Next, place the desired amount of filets in your dish and begin grinding the pepper so¬† it completely covers the filet(s). Now, put it in the oven for 10 minutes – you’re all most done!


5. Time to feast!!!


Plate the salmon with your favorite veggie or a salad and enjoy all your (not hard at all) work! This is a great recipe for a romantic dinner or dinner party too. It will totally impress the people you’re cooking for.

~ Kate

P.S. Tomorrow we’ll be talking about Thanksgiving prep so get ready …