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Meal Planning 101 + 43 Paleo and Low Carb Blogs

22 Oct

It’s Musical Monday! This week I want to suggest an album that is part of my fall playlist. I seriously cannot get enough of all Bon Iver’s stuff but this album is a cold weather classic as far as I’m concerned. I hope you love it even half as much as I do.

Alright, so it’s been a while since I shared a food-filled post and that’s mostly due to my lack of meal planning lately. I would literally spend hours in the kitchen daily when I first started eating Paleo and doing the Whole30 but the past couple weeks I haven’t been as organized. Last week I wasn’t really feeling well so I hardly cooked at all. This week I decided to get back in the groove and get hardcore about meal planning.

OK so I am so excited!! I planned my meals for the week, went grocery shopping, pre-made my breakfast and lunch for the week AND cleaned up my kitchen in just 2.5 hours!!  As I’ve said before, when it comes to me and cooking I have three criteria that must be met:

  1. It has to be delicious
  2. It must be easy to make (if I can drop everything in a crock pot, bonus points.)
  3. The recipe must have 8 ingredients or less.

The first key to this week’s meal prep success? Two words: Slow Cooker.

I’m going to try to make a lot more meals in my crock pot because it is seriously an amazing time-saver. I even found out how to convert traditional recipes into slow cooker recipes! Click here for slow cooker tips.

Here are the steps I took that resulted in meal planning b-l-i-s-s:

  1. Use this site to quickly pick your meals. Each recipe has a picture and you can pick from the Whole30 approved meals if you’re doing that or you can pick any of the others since they are Paleo. This site is the BOMB. You create a log-in and then add recipes to your “grocery cart.” Once there, the site will make a grocery list for you and adjust the serving size for you based on your family size. Also, check out this list of 43 Paleo and Low-Carb Blogs for more recipe ideas (Guess who made the list?)
  2. Make a list. This can be a list, calendar or schedule to ensure that your meals are accounted for throughout the week. NOTE: Make sure you account for leftovers. These can easily carry over into lunches or a quick snacks or even another dinner. Plan on 1-2 servings of protein per person and 2-3 veggies.
  3. Grab your grocery list and get shopping. Did you ever watch the show, Super Market Sweep? I loved that show! I try to think of it when I’m shopping and I usually buzz around the store to see how fast I can get out of there. I come up with a game plan before I start too. Last week I went shopping with Daniel and we raced to see who could finish their list and get to the check-out line first (I won of course.) It was fun and it made shopping a snap.
  4. Get your slow cooker out. Tip: Often your slow cooker comes with a little recipe book full of recipes that you can easily Paleo-ify.
  5. Time yourself. This idea came from the Well Fed Paleo cookbook where Melissa does a weekly cook up and times herself. She basically uses every inch of space in her kitchen and crams her cooking into an hour. I’m not quite there yet … She gets way more done in that amount of time then I do but she also has a grill outside her door that she uses. I did cook my Quiche for the week in my oven and bake bacon in my broiler at the same time. I also started one of my slow cooker recipes and prepped the food I was going to throw in it in the AM for dinner.

So what did I make?

Breakfast: Quiche with Bacon – I used my Quiche recipe as a base. The veggies I used were: Baby Bella mushrooms, red peppers, onions and mixed ground beef. The only seasoning I used was Mrs. Dash Garlic seasoning, although I would definitely add salt and pepper in the future.

Lunch: “Creamy” Tomato Chicken Soup for my lunches …

Dinner: Easy-peasy. I spent 10 minutes prepping for dinner by throwing everything in my slow cooker. When I get home, I’ll toss a sweet potato and a baked potato (for D) in the oven and saute some veggies. I’ll share pictures as I go so you can see what glorious creations I cook up in my trusty crock pot!

Two new recipes that I’m going to try this week are Easy Shredded Beef with sweet potatoes for dinner tomorrow (I’ll start it in the crock pot tomorrow AM) and I Crock-pot Carnitas.
~ Kate

P.S. I’m also going for a run after work today as part of the 30 Days of Fitness (#GetFit30). I was totally encouraged by all the Columbus Marathon runners that ran by my house yesterday! Great job everyone!! Here’s a pic of my view:

30 Days of Fitness Challenge: VIDEO UPDATE

17 Oct

Happy Wednesday!

Since we’re weeks into the “30 Days of Fitness Challenge” I wanted to update you on my progress and encourage you to keep going!

To be honest, I’ve missed a day or two here and there so I’m extending the challenge through October 31.

So get in your workout gear, watch this video and be encouraged!!

Oh, and if you’re not sure what the heck I’m talking about, read this post.

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5 Tips to Defeat the Cravings Monster … PLUS Flourless Mocha Bacon Brownies~!

15 Oct

Since it’s “Musical Monday,” I thought we could take a lesson from Weird Al on what NOT to do:

“Eat It” by Weird Al Yankovic

If the above image doesn’t refresh your memory enough, watch the crazy video here.

SO it’s Monday afternoon … it’s been a crazy day; maybe even a tough day. You’re feeling a little sleepy and you notice some junk food sitting on the counter …

We’ve all been there. Trying to eat healthy, whether it’s Paleo, Whole30 or clean eating in general, we’ve all been tempted to dive in and devour unhealthy junk when nobody’s watching. This is the work of a beast I call: the Cravings Monster. If you’ve ever given into this evil villain, you well know what quickly ensues: a massive case of give-in remorse where you find yourself feeling guilty, discouraged and maybe like your inner fat-kid is showing.

Sound all too familiar?

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve seen how the Cravings Monster can creep in, unannounced AND uninvited, to put your health in an awkward situation. You’ve got to choose between immediate craving gratification and the more satisfying (although not as immediate) repercussions of making healthy choices.

The good news is, with a little introspection and creativity, you can avoid and defeat the Cravings Monster. Here are 5 Steps that I use to stop my cravings dead in their tracks!

  1. Stop, Reflect and LISTEN to your body. Take a quick self inventory. Is the Cravings Monster telling you that you deserve this little reward? That you’ve worked hard,  had a rough day and deserve to treat yourself? The truth is that you are actually hurting yourself by giving in and not rewarding or treating yourself at all. You have worked hard to be healthier and you owe it to yourself to be strong and kick those cravings to the curb. All that monster wants is immediate gratification. The fact is, you’ll be stronger and more satisfied by NOT giving in. You won’t have any guilt either. What’s your body actually saying? Your body knows that those cravings aren’t what it actually needs. Whew. You just made it past the toughest step. Proceed to Step 2.
  2. Take a food inventory. Are you eating enough? How much protein/vegetables did you have today? If you’re filling up on carbs, dairy and fruit, chances are you need more meat and veggies. So instead of junk, grab some almonds or another nut variety, which will actually help to satiate you because of the protein content. I focus my eating on protein like chicken, beef and nuts (not protein shakes) and vegetables and often go several hours between meals without snacking because of it. On to Step 3 …
  3. H2-O-My-Goodness. How much water have you had today? If you’re craving junk, chances are you haven’t had enough. According to the Mayo Clinic, ladies, you’re supposed to get 9 glasses and guys it’s 13 for you. If you’re eating the right amount of protein, your body needs that water more than ever! So drink up and watch those cravings wash away. Once you drink a glass of water, read more about how water can even make you smarter here. Cravings Monster still taunting you? On to step 4 for support!
  4. Call/text a friend or go online for help. This step can be your saving grace. I’ve had a couple people reach out to me over the past weeks for support and encouragement and I know that I can do the same as needed. This step is simple but packs a powerful punch. The key is to have a friend who is making healthy choices that you can call or text. Friends are happy to help and can really be a great encouragement. Looking for online support? Fan Facebook pages with active communities that are focused on healthy eating and lifestyle are great resources (my Facebook page is a good start!) Pass go, save 200+ calories and move to Step 5.
  5. Treat yourself to something healthier. There are plenty of healthy ways to really treat yourself. If you’re at home, make a healthier version of a treat like the below pictured Flourless Mocha Bacon Brownies from Practical Paleo. Or for a faster and even healthier option, try some fruit! If you’re out and about or at work, drink a Passion Fruit tea from Starbucks (with no sweetener) or treat yourself to a snack you wouldn’t normal splurge on. My favorite thing to do it to visit my local grocery store and get the expensive pre-cut fruit or berries when I’m feeling like splurging.

So the next time the Cravings Monster begins to toy with your emotions, don’t eat it, BEAT IT with these 5 Steps.

Let me know which step is your favorite :)

~ Kate