Health Advice/Tips

SO I’m not a nutritionist, trainer or a chef and I want to be sure that you keep that in mind before you start reading this section. Just a disclaimer but seriously I wanted to have a spot where I can share some tips/tricks I’m learning that might be helpful to you  as well.

  • Do what works best for YOU. I mean this specifically in regard to working out. For example, I’ve always thought it would be cool to be one of those “workout at the gym after work” kinda people … but I’m so not! I have to wake up really early (note that at this point in my life it’s still NOT fun to do this but I’m hoping … ) and workout first thing or else I WILL NOT work out when I get home. That’s just the deal and I’ve come to except it. Find what works for you and just do it.
  • Stop feeling guilty about food. How do you do this? Starting eating things that are good and healthy for your body. If you do that, you’re less likely to have to measure, count calories or freak out when you accidentally had 5 cookies in one sitting (not that I’m recommending this but we’ve all been there.)
  • Do things that bring you joy. This can be sipping on your favorite flavor of tea, going for a walk by yourself, reading a good book or being intentional to catch up with a friend. Just keep in mind, each day, that you are here for a PURPOSE and that you only have so much time to really live this life, love others and make a difference for yourself, your family, friends and the world so go out there and DO IT. Heck, start a blog about it and I’ll subscribe to it! You got this.

PR Advice

Previously I used this blog to simply share public relations tips and best practices. You can still view those posts here. I will add more periodically!

With my background in public relations and with 5+ years of PR/marketing experience, I occasionally share tidbits of information simply because it brings me joy to share from my experiences and help others. If you have questions or would like advice, feel free to email me: KateBFinley @ gmail .com

Stress? Check.
In 2012, public relations went from being the 2nd most stressful job in the U.S. to number 7. Although I find some comfort in knowing that there are over 320,000 professionals sharing similar work load and stress management issues … that’s still the 7th most stressful job in the nation! So I’m constantly looking for ways to decrease stress while managing to increase productivity each day. So I thought I’d share a few strategies I’m currently using to keep my stress levels down that can be used whether or not you’re in PR …

Traditional Media: A ConsiderationI recently read an article by PR Daily about the role of traditional media and how pitching traditional media is more challenging due to the economy and a hyper-community focus. I think that is absolutely the case. Newspapers are understaffed. As someone who pitches traditional media daily, I have to consider my approach more than ever before. It takes more time, research and creativity.  For example, it’s more important to have a community tie-in for your news/campaign. It’s also essential to know why you are pitching and how that is relevant to the media you are pitching. Here are some tips I use when pitching traditional media …