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What is a Jicama and how do you cook with it? Paleo Potato Alternative!

15 May

It’s video time again! Can you believe I churned out two videos, two weeks in a row?! I can’t. Ha! Well, I’ve known about Jicama for a while now and had heard that people use it as a Paleo potato alternative but hadn’t tried it myself. They’re kinda of hard to find at my local grocer and when I do see them they look like they’re on their last leg.

During my last trip to the grocery store, I found a seemingly perfect one! So, I decided to make a video introducing you to this odd looking fellow (yes, I think it’s a boy) and share some examples of how you can eat/cook it. I’m only going from what I’ve heard and seen in recipe books as I haven’t tried it myself yet.

Have you cooked with Jicama or even used it fresh? I’m very curious and looking for recipes as I experiment with my own … Let me know. Also, please enjoy this little intro I put together for you. He’s cute in a rough and tubby kind of way.

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~ Kate :) Jicama

Paleo Coffee and Tea Options *Video*

8 May

Happy Wednesday!

WHEW. I’d like you to add more days to this week please and thank you. My new business is really doing well and I’m constantly learning how to balance everything and rework my approach as I go. I hadn’t done a video in a while so today I thought I’d talk to you about Paleo coffee and tea options!

It might seem like an easy conversation but things can get a little tricky when you decide to avoid these less-than-healthy options:

  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Refined sugars
  • Soy lectin
  • “Natural” flavors
  • Additives

I’m not a die-hard coffee drinker but I do enjoy a cup several times a week. I view coffee and tea as treats and comfort items. I good cup o joe or tea time can just hit the spot, ya know? So without further fanfare, here’s a video from me to you about Paleo coffee and tea variations.

KateUpdates Paleo Coffee and Tea Options

How do you prefer your morning java? Do you keep it Paleo?

~ Kate

How to Take a Road Trip and Keep it Paleo Pt. 2

3 May

Whew. This has been a CRAZY week for me. I went on a business trip to Chicago and am now back at home catching up. It was really fun to stay downtown and catch up with friends, network, learn and even fit in a little shopping. I’m glad to be back home and am busy catching up. I was trying to get this post out earlier in the week but it didn’t really work out … sometimes, things just don’t go as planned and you have to roll with it 😉

I have the half marathon this Saturday and I’m really excited. I know it’s going to be hard but I also know I can do it. I’m going to make myself proud by checking off one of my goals for 2013. It’s really cool! Unfortunately Daniel has drill so it looks like I’ll be accomplishing this goal solo. I’ve been running solo this whole time so I’m used to it. I’ll just meet new friends at the race!

And with that, welcome to part two in our How to Take a Road Trip and Keep it Paleo series.

Paleo ‘Fast Food’ Options / Eating Out Paleo Style

Travel is unavoidable. If you’re not visiting family, then you’re taking a vacation or a business trip and the food options can be sparse and tricky to navigate at best. I’ve taken plenty of trips since starting Paleo last August and here are some of my go-to options …

Panera Bread

My signature move at Panera Bread is to get a Fuji Apple Chicken Salad with no cheese and double chicken. I also get an Acai unsweetened iced tea. SO GOOD. The salad dressing they use does have added sugar so it’s up to you if you incorporate it (I do). Easy! They have a variety of delicious hot teas, too.

KateUpdates Acai Tea from Panera Bread

KateUpdates Fuji Apple Chicken Salad


Another great option is Chipotle. You can order a salad with carnitas, salsa and guacamole without any problems. I also use their salad dressing because it’s made with honey. If you’re avoiding soy, that’s really your only option because the fajitas and other meats are cooked in soy oil. If you don’t mind the soy, then you have even more options.


Chipotle is a great Paleo-friendly option! Just order a salad with carnitas, salsa and guacamole. You can even eat the dressing because it’s made with honey.

Ethnic Restaurants

Think Greek or Middle-Eastern … Since these types of restaurants use a lot of spices and healthy fats like olive oil, they can be a safe, easy way to find yummy food that you can customize and actually keep it Paleo.

KateUpdates Eating Out Paleo

Eating out and want to keep it Paleo? Try Greek or Middle-Eastern restaurants because they incorporate spices and healthy fats … you can easily customize your dish to make it Paleo-friendly.


Fruit/veggie stands

I haven’t personally done this yet but definitely something I will be doing over the summer :)

OK so those are my tips on how to take a road trip and keep it Paleo … what tips would you add?

~ Kate