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I’m Kate. I’m a girl who loves eating Paleo, my husband, Jesus, public relations, social media and being the best I can be. I want to live life so that it inspires others to be extraordinary. I originally started this blog to share PR advice and although I still share tips on my PR/SM Bites page, my main focus on this blog is to share my experiences as I pursue healthy living and being the best me I can be. My hope for this blog is that my experiences can help others make healthier choices and to encourage others to keep striving to be better and live life to its fullest.

I’m currently working my booty off to lose 30lbs (I’ve lost 24lbs as of 12/11/12) and be in the best shape and healthiest I’ve ever been!

Health & Fitness: (as of 12/11/12)

  • I eat Paleo. Read about what Paleo is by clicking here.
  • I’m 5’6ft tall and I weigh 140lbs (158 as of 8/27/12, I was 164 when I started working out in July 2012)
  • I workout a few times a week rotating between Pilates, running and some swimming
  • I recently completed the Whole30 back in August. Read about my results here: The Whole30
  • I’m going to run my first-ever half marathon on 5/4/12!! The best part? I’m running it with Daniel!

Please leave me a comment if my blog has helped you or encouraged you! I’d love to hear from you :)

KateUpdates: Believe You Can~ Kate

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Tracy Seffers
Tracy Seffers

Good luck with reaching your goals, and thanks for the follow over on my blog!


I was searching for more information about the whole 30 challenge and came across one of your videos on youtube. I decided to check out your blog and will definitely be following you! I haven't started the challenge yet but plan on doing it soon!

The Landy
The Landy

And good luck with your current goal...!