How to Restart Your Diet and Fitness Pt. 2 [VIDEO]

28 Jun

Happy Friday!

It’s time for another video! This is the second in a three-part series talking about how to restart your diet and fitness. I’ve been living this for the past couple weeks and wanted to report some of my progress and share four more tips to help you get back on track if you’re struggling.

I’ve been getting back to running over the past few weeks and I’m really starting to reap the benefits of regular exercise. I can tell because I have more energy and feel amazing. I’m more alert and feel more positive about my body (even though nothing has changed physically, mentally I can feel change.) I’ve also been drinking a ton of water, and keeping it as Paleo as possible.

You CAN Be Healthy Despite a Crazy Schedule

One big encouragement I want to give you is that you CAN have a healthy diet despite being busy. It may not be as exciting as all those pretty food blogs you see out there but that doesn’t matter. It’s about finding foods and meals that work for you and incorporating them into your daily routine. Maybe you rotate the same foods throughout the week because they’re healthy, tasty and don’t bore you. That’s OK !

It’s About You

Remember, this is about YOU and YOUR health not someone else. Do what works for you as long as it’s healthy and leading you into becoming a better, stronger, happier person.

Click the image to view Pt. 2 in this video series …

Happy Weekend!

~ Kate How to Restart Your Diet and Fitness Pt. 2

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