Let’s Get Real: How to Restart Diet and Fitness Pt. 1

17 Jun

Hello My Lovely Updaters!

How was your weekend? I hope you’re having a super fun summer so far. I made another video for you! So, I’ve been really struggling with consistency in my eating habits and fitness. I decided to breakdown how to restart your diet and fitness goals by demonstrating this process myself.

I haven’t been eating Paleo consistently recently. It started with some business trips and family events and now I’m left struggling with food temptation and I’ve been letting the Cravings Monster win more often than not. SO, I wanted to “come clean” and want to encourage you to join me.

I will be working on resetting my diet and recommitting to fitness. Daniel and I are even having a little competition to see who can get “hotter” in a month’s time. I’ll share some of the workouts I’m doing for that shortly …

Take a minute to check out this video and then let me know either in the comments or on my Facebook page, if you’re committing to restart your diet and fitness too.

Let’s get healthier together!

~ Kate

How to Restart Your Diet and Fitness Pt. 1 [VIDEO]

Amy Ayers
Amy Ayers

Good for you for calling yourself out (and to Daniel for helping you along). It's always a good sign when you can personally recognize where you've mis-stepped and know what you have to do in order to get back on track. Looing forward to seeing how you do. You've done it before, you can do it again!! :)


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