Paleo Fries: What to Do with Jicama Pt. 1 + Meet My New Nephew!

22 May

Remember how I said I was experimenting with Jicama? Well, my first phase of experimentation has officially begun! What did I make? Seasoned Jicama Fries! How did they taste? Pretty darn good. I think the key is in the seasoning. I tried the Jicama plain and it has the consistency of a white potato without the chalky/starchy aftertaste. It wasn’t bad it was just kind of bland, which could be really great if you’re adding it, uncooked, to recipes for some added crunch.

I may even use it for those taco shells I mentioned in my video about what to do with Jicama. It really seems like a very versatile food. I’m so glad I like it! Oh, before I share the recipe, check out this cute guy:


No not Daniel! (although, heck yes he’s pretty darn cute!) The little bundle of cuteness in his arms …


Meet little Graham Allen! He’s Daniel’s sister’s baby and he’s just a week old. He’s adorable and super cool (notice his relaxed ‘chill’ state?)

We were able to spend a whole day with him and his happy parents last weekend. It was awesome.

OK enough showing off. Here comes the food …

Paleo Jicama Matchstick Fries

image copy 3

Paleo Jicama Matchstick Fries Recipe


I took this Food Network Recipe and used light EVOO instead.

I also found that they tasted best when they were crunchy and turned brown. This is how my first batch looked:

image copy

They looked like french fries but they weren’t cooked enough. So I put them back in until they turned brown like this:image

Perfecto! The seasoning combo was really good. It’s just a combination of salt, onion powder, garlic powder and paprika. I could totally use it on sweet potato fries too. I liked them so much I think I’ll make them tonight too!

image copy 2

Paleo Jicama Matchstick Fries

What’s your favorite way to eat Jicama? Have you tried fries? Any suggestions?


~ Kate

Lisa Gerber
Lisa Gerber

Kate - I tried making jicama home fries and I did not like them at all. They had a sort of sweet taste I didn' tlike. Maybe I'll try it again. I did, after all, only try it once. 

I make sweet potato fries all the time, however, and dip them in homemade mayo and feel like I'm PIGGING OUT. I make those whenever I have the hungries. :) 

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