What is a Jicama and how do you cook with it? Paleo Potato Alternative!

15 May

It’s video time again! Can you believe I churned out two videos, two weeks in a row?! I can’t. Ha! Well, I’ve known about Jicama for a while now and had heard that people use it as a Paleo potato alternative but hadn’t tried it myself. They’re kinda of hard to find at my local grocer and when I do see them they look like they’re on their last leg.

During my last trip to the grocery store, I found a seemingly perfect one! So, I decided to make a video introducing you to this odd looking fellow (yes, I think it’s a boy) and share some examples of how you can eat/cook it. I’m only going from what I’ve heard and seen in recipe books as I haven’t tried it myself yet.

Have you cooked with Jicama or even used it fresh? I’m very curious and looking for recipes as I experiment with my own … Let me know. Also, please enjoy this little intro I put together for you. He’s cute in a rough and tubby kind of way.

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~ Kate :)

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Amy Ayers
Amy Ayers

I've used jicama to make fries before. I'm intrigued about using it for taco shells. Can't wait to hear how it comes out.

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