Set Yourself Free … Today is the Day to Start Living Your Dreams.

26 Apr

Happy Friday!

As we approach another weekend, I wanted to share a thought with you. I want you to seriously consider what’s holding you back from accomplishing your goals. Seriously. Think about it. I’ve talked about fear and how detrimental it can be to achieving your dreams. We’ve talked about how comparison can steal your joy. So … don’t you think it’s time to set yourself free?

I can’t solve this equation for you but I can encourage you to face your captor and set yourself free. As I approach an event that both excites and terrifies me, I am thinking about how I got to where I am. How did I go from dreaming of being a runner, to hating running to now, kinda loving it? How have I been eating Paleo since August, gaining control of temptation and my endless sweet tooth?

KateUpdates Set yourself free

What’s the difference between wishing and doing? Action.

I’m not perfect. I make poor food decisions and fall off the Paleo wagon sometimes but you know what? I get right back on. I take action.

So, what’s holding you back? How can I help? I want to see you succeed and be reading about your success story one day (very soon).

You’re stronger than you think and braver than you know.

Get out there this weekend and DO IT. Get it done.

Make a plan and then just start. Baby steps are still steps.

~ Kate



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