Honey, I love you. Sugar, this is war. #Whole30 Update

12 Apr

KateUpdates Spoonful of Sugar

‘A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!’ – Mary Poppins

… I have bad news for you Mary. It also helps your bottom get round.

This is day #19 of my Whole30 challenge! Crazy. It’s actually gone by pretty fast. At this point, I’m looking at foods and thinking, “There’s no way I would eat that because it would make me totally sick.” If you’ve done the Whole30 before, you know exactly what I mean. At this point in the game sugar cravings are pretty much non-existent and because I’ve done the Whole30 before, I know exactly how my body will react if I were to eat something like gluten, dairy, additives or sugar at this point. It wouldn’t be nice. I’d have an upset tummy all day and that’s just not worth it.

It’s pretty sweet that you can change your mind and body in just 30 days. It’s actually pretty crazy …

Sugar How You Get So Fly …

I’ve been thinking a lot about sugar and how it creeps into my eating and before I even realize it, I’m having sugar multiple times a day. Even when eating healthy, sugar can show up in the form of maple syrup, honey, lots of fruit, etc. I really want to be much more aware of how much sugar I’m taking in each day. That’s one of my big goals when I’ve completed this Dirty30 challenge.

Ditch Sugar?

Why all this sugar-shock? Well, I have dramatically seen my energy levels even out and my body transform when I remove sugar completely (other than some fruit). Without sugar, I’ve seen my body start changing into this beautiful creation that I had never seen before. Removing sugar can make you see changes that you didn’t even know could happen. “Well, hello waistline… how’d you get there?”

I’ve also experienced food freedom because I’m not craving sweet things like I used to. However, I don’t think it’s realistic to completely omit sugar. But it’s a dangerous walk of the line and I’m just feeling very self aware about it.

Less is More

It really is true that the less sugar you have, the less you crave it. So, I may just start keeping track (in my head) of how much sugar I’m taking in. For example, not having sugar with every meal. Keeping snacks to veggies and nuts and rarely having a dessert-like treat. I avoid refined sugars normally but even honey and maple syrup can feed the sugar beast. So, I’m going to use extreme caution.

What are some ways sugar has crept into your diet? How can you start decreasing your daily intake?

~ Kate


I am now on day 25 of my first W30, I don't even think about it anymore, it's just natural to eat like this. What I worry a little about, is that I tend to have some fruit, mostly dried, with my coffee after breakfast and dinner. It feels like cheating, but I don't know if it really is... 


Eating on the road is the WORST way sugar creeps in. And we are about to head out on a road trip...planning is the key.

KateFinley moderator

@HegeNes You're almost there! Great job. You are right to follow your gut about that dried fruit. That's a not encouraged on the Whole30. It's just so sugary and often has added sugar. Why do they add sugar to fruit, which is sweet enough already? Don't ask me! ;-)

KateFinley moderator

@DawnMaloney Yes but you know exactly what to do. Make a stop at the grocery store. Fruit, nuts, Larabars, organic jerky. Eating out you can have a Chipotle salad with carnitas, tomatoes and guac. Have a fun trip btw!

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