UGH! Running, Chicken Basil Meatloaf and My NEW Favorite Cookbook

11 Apr

Happy Thursday!

I’ve been kinda quiet about my half-marathon training other than sharing running updates on my Facebook page so I wanted to take a minute to update you on how it’s been going. Well … it kinda sucks. Just being honest but it’s taking a lot longer to get the ‘hang’ of running. I’ve told you how I really feel about running and my desire to be a gazelle but this is much harder than I thought it would be.

My Running Schedule

I’ve been running x3/week and I’ve been doing two 3-mile runs and one longer run on Saturdays (I’m up to 6 miles!!). I feel really proud of myself for getting to the point where I can run 3 miles without stopping and then up to 6 miles with occasional stops. Overall I’m running 95% of the time and that makes me proud.

The Truth

It’s just that running sucks. Right now, running really sucks. What I mean by that is that it’s really hard. It’s such a mental battle to keep going without stopping. I’ve been told that I should be OK for the half because I can do 6 miles. However, I’m trying to work my way up to 9 miles before the race. I’ve started running with no real background to speak of so I’m not sure if the whole, “This sucks!!” thing is normal. I’ve been running 2-3 a week for over a month and the past couple weeks I’ve been running x3/week.

Um …

SO not trying to be a downer here just wanted to be honest. The really cool part of this process is that running is mostly mental. I mean, it’s hard work but for me it’s mostly just telling yourself you are going to keep going even when your mind wants to stop. I’m still being told by seasoned runners that you eventually like this craziness but that remains to be seen. Until then, I’m going to keep running in prep for rocking my first half marathon.

Chicken Basil Loaf

Now let’s talk food for a minute. I just got a new cookbook and I LOVE it. It’s PaleOMG’s first cookbook, “OMG. That’s Paleo?” and it’s awesome. I didn’t doubt that it would be awesome because all of her recipes are but I really like the layout of the cookbook itself. She provides space for variations and notes on each page and she rambles in her typical endearing fashion throughout the cookbook. I love it! Here’s a recipe from the cookbook that I tried yesterday and it was totally YUM.

Chicken Basil Meatloaf

KateUpdates Chicken Basil Meatloaf

Just click this link to get her recipe.

Note: Mine finished product looks a bit different because I incorporated pesto instead of just basil. It was really good and SUPER easy. Let me know if you try it.

~ Kate



At least you are trying with the running. I keep meaning to, but have failed miserably at getting started. I don't know why I never thought of putting pesto or basil in my meatloaf. I need to experiment more! 


I would REALLY like to run a half marathon (I want the bumper sticker!) but I have yet to get in a good groove to run. I have been getting up at about 6:30 a.m. every day to do yoga and some back/ab exercises, which are my priority right now so I can make it through my wedding day without my back giving out. 

I think the big hurdle was getting up early (and going to be early,) and I'm still working on getting out of bed on time. I'd like to do runs in the mornings before yoga. I'll get there soon, I'm sure. Maybe I can get Grant out there with me sometime!

Lisa Gerber
Lisa Gerber

Hey Kate! Do you run in a nice place? I am a trail runner and will do roads, etc when I'm traveling and have no other choice, but nothing beats running in the woods with my favorite music on.

I also just read Born To Run which is a great book, well-written with some awesome stories and it motivated me further in my running.

And then again, running isn't for everyone! So maybe it gets to the point you come to that conclusion! :) (but after the half!)

PS- definitely going to try the chicken meatloaf. Thanks for the share. Will let you know how it goes.

KateFinley moderator

@buckeyegirl31 I'm in love with pesto. Seriously I can't get enough of it. I waited forever to actually make it myself and now I feel silly because I could have been enjoying it this whole time! I like to take ingredients that are in my pantry or fridge and combine them. It makes me feel like I'm on Chopped ;-)

KateFinley moderator

@allison_leaf You're concerned about your back giving out?! That sounds serious ... I do like yoga but don't do it very often. I need to incorporate strength training so I'm going to start mixing that in with some Pilates I think.

Oh and you two should totally run together! I still think you both should start a tech love blog. Seriously.

KateFinley moderator

@Lisa Gerber Hey lady! I do run in a park but I could definitely switch it up. You're also the second person to mention Born to Run to me so I'm going to have to check it out ...

Yes, I'm wondering if running is for me but I'm really hoping something just clicks soon. 

Let me know what you think of the recipe! Are you still eating completely Paleo or just occasionally?

Lisa Gerber
Lisa Gerber

@KateFinley @shonali isn't a fan of running either. :) 

I am mostly Paleo. I love it. But! I love wine so there is no way I can cut that out. I did for the 30, and now I treat myself on weekends. My husband is winemaker, so I can't very well not test the product. Also, Honey Bunny Grahams are like crack.


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