What to do when life is hard … A reflection.

27 Mar


Sometimes things are great. Actually, I would say that in my case, most of the times are great! I really am blessed and have been gifted with the tenacious ability to see the sunny side of life. The past couple weeks have been exceptionally hard for me. You know how I mentioned being in the hospital visiting a loved one? Well, that was Daniel. He has been in the hospital since last Monday and just got home yesterday. I won’t share the details because that’s his story to tell, not mine, but I will tell you that it was health related and it’s been extremely hard.

The hospital can just zap the strength right out of you. I was there all day and into the night most days and it made me so sad to see him be hospitalized for so long, experiencing pain and being so limited in how I could help. I like to fix problems and help people. That’s what I do in business and that’s what I like to do through this blog.

He is home now and we have begun the next stage of recovery. He still doesn’t have his strength so I’m doing everything and taking care of him along with pursuing a new diet that can be challenging to adjust to, growing my business and training for a half marathon … Um, it’s a lot. I don’t say that to complain or pat myself on the back for doing so much — I say it so that you’ll understand how tired I am and excuse the less frequent posting you’ve seen over the past week or so.

So … as I always like to do, I look to the bright side in what I, and we, can learn from challenges like this. As I’m typing this, I’m thinking … OK what can I learn?

Thankfulness. I think that’s it. Yes, I think that’s what I can learn right now. I choose thankfulness despite my circumstances. I’m going to list some of the things that come to mind and I encourage you to do the same. Stop what you’re doing and make a list right now of the things that you are thankful for and write them down. You can choose how long or short it is but get it all out until you feel filled with thankfulness despite your circumstances.

Thankfulness is the catalyst to perspective.

Here goes …

  • My husband
  • My family
  • The flexibility that being self-employed brings
  • Healthy choices
  • My church
  • Financial peace
  • Spring
  • Friends
  • My small group
  • My health
  • My fitness
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Love
  • My God

That’s it. Do I feel amazing now? No. Did it help some? Yes but mostly I’m still tired. I hope you find encouragement through this post in that you are not alone in your struggles.

If you’d like an update on how the Whole30 is going, check out my Facebook page … recipes to follow in a post this week.

~ Kate

Amy Ayers
Amy Ayers

I am so sorry to hear that Daniel had been in the hospital. It's great news to hear that he is now home, and on the road to recovery. You've got your plate full with a lot going on right now, but know that we are all here to offer our love and support (near and far) with whatever you need. Keep looking at the positive side as you are now, and everything is going to work out for you. I'll keep great thoughts coming your way. *hugs* -Amy


Kate, This does help, and I understand how exhausting it can be when someone you love is sick and it is not up to you to fix. One day at a time, one moment at a time...whatever it takes. Being grateful is the best way that I have learned to gain strength. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Daniel. I love you both very much and I am thankful to have you in my life today! Love, Melissa

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