#Whole30 Day 1 Complete: Down ‘n Dirty

25 Mar

Whew. This has been a crazy day! I was out all last week because of a family emergency so I’m playing a major game of catch up. Today, I started the Whole30 (aka Dirty 30) with several family members, friends and several of you lovely readers.

I definitely spent some time in the kitchen today. Since this is my second time doing the Whole30, my pantry has the basic elements I need so that’s a major plus. Oh and I roasted garlic for the first time (see photo below) and it makes your house smell AMAZING. Definitely doing that again.

It’s not too late to join in and change your life (yes, I’m serious!) – just start tomorrow and adjust for 30 days. Read about the challenge here.

Here’s a recap of what I ate today:

Breakfast: I didn’t really have any quick options so I just had almond butter and an apple.

Snack: 1 small pack of raisins

I drank a LOT of water today.


I baked 2 butternut squash, 1 sweet potato and 1 bulb of garlic at 425 degrees for 45 minutes.

KateUpdates Soup

I made butternut squash soup. I adapted the “It Starts with Food” recipe.


Lunch: All natural chicken with salt, pepper, lemon juice and dill pickles on a bed of romaine lettuce topped with tomatoes, almonds and drizzled with balsamic.

KateUpdates Whole30

Dinner: sautéed chicken breast in EVOO with sweet onion, garlic salt and Garlic and Herb Mrs. Dash over butternut squash puree.

~ Kate


Dawn Maloney
Dawn Maloney

I keep forgetting to roast some garlic - I love that! We are trying the Pad Thai from Well Fed this week. Oh, and I am completely ADDICTED to kale.

Amy Ayers
Amy Ayers

Your salad looks fantastic!!! I'm looking forward to joining your group next Monday.


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