Let’s Do the Whole30 Together! + Sweet Potato Chips

21 Mar

Hey guys!

Sorry it’s been a few days since I last updated …. I have a very close family member who is in the hospital and it hasn’t left time for posting. This week’s posts may look a little different because I’ll be dealing with a really shaky internet connection here at the hospital.

Want to do the Whole30 together?

My eating hasn’t been very Paleo since being at the hospital (boo!!!) but I brought some healthy snacks to help with that …


I’ve also decided to start the Whole30 again. I’m doing this because I’ve felt myself slipping back into mindless snacking and craving sweet things too much. So, I want to ‘nip it in the bud’ so to speak. My plan is to start Monday, with food prep happening this weekend. I will share posts with you about what I’m eating so you can get inspiration and ideas for your own meals. Would you like to do the Whole30 with me? My Facebook page will have daily updates so you can let me know in the comments here or on my Facebook page if you’d like to participate. To read about what the Whole30 visit the website here: You can also view my video about it and read my first Whole30 success story here.

Recipe: Sweet Potato Chips

I made these over the weekend and they turned out really delicious! I used the slicing feature on my food processor and it was magical. My only recommendation would be to be careful to not use too much oil because it will make the chips less crispy.


View the recipe here: Orange Sweet Potato Baked Chips with Thyme



I've tried now twice to make sweet potato chips and each time they come out a bit soggy/chewy. I wonder if maybe I'm using too much oil? It feels like it should work but doesn't. I'm glad you had better luck - these look lovely.


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