You Have a Choice: Change the Way You Think!

6 Mar


This morning I realized I needed to change my thinking (Man, my coffee must have been good this morning!) I realized that I had been getting caught up in the “I can’t” mentality and it stops today. I’m sure you know what I mean. It takes different forms but here are some examples:

  • I can’t eat that …
  • I can’t eat there …
  • I can’t run that far …
  • I can’t fit it into my schedule.

Instead of viewing my choices as CHOICES I have been viewing them as restrictions. That’s just not true. I’m choosing to do healthy things for my mind, body and spirit. No one is forcing me. This is a choice! So, I am going to be very sensitive to what I’m thinking about food starting NOW. Instead of saying, “I can’t,” I will stop that thought mid-sentence and change it to: “I choose not to.” See the difference?

  • I choose not to eat that because it would hurt body.
  • I choose not to eat there because there aren’t healthy options and there’s food temptation.
  • I choose to run that far to build my endurance, challenge myself and strengthen the only body I will ever have.
  • I choose to make time for fitness and eating healthy. It’s an investment with an endless ROI.

It’s time to straighten up our priorities people. We’re lazy. We’re a pleasure-seeking society that ranks immediate gratification over substance. Let’s challenge ourselves and invest time into lasting health and results. Let’s challenge our thinking and help each other.


~ Kate

P.S. Here’s the running schedule I’ve been using … I’m on week 2! I’ve never done a run more than 5 miles so Saturday will be EPIC!

KateFinley Running Plan

Dustin P
Dustin P

Absolutely, Kate. Your mind is a very powerful thing and this applies to both good and bad things. Slight alterations in your vocabulary can make very positive changes in your attitude towards things! I love reading posts like this!!


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