Paleo Isn’t for the Faint of Heart

18 Feb

I’m just going to say it: Sometimes, eating Paleo can be really hard. And not fun. And make you cry.

But that’s only sometimes. Just like anything worth doing, it takes work, discipline and determination to truly be great. Eating Paleo can be hard because it’s not only eating gluten-free or dairy-free, it’s also eating unprocessed and you avoid things like legumes and soy because of how they irritate your system. The rewards are completely worth it! If you haven’t already, read my success story and consider doing the Whole30.

Today I want to talk about getting back on track with your eating if you let yourself go. I can easily write about this topic because it has been happening to me since Super Bowl Sunday. I ate pizza that day and even though it made me feel gross, it opened the door to making other food compromises. Then there was Valentine’s Day this past week. If I had to recount all the food compromises I’ve made over the past couple weeks, I’d be completely embarrassed!

I could have just cleaned up my eating on my own and continued on but I wanted to share this lapse with you to encourage you that even if you get off track for a while, you can get right back in line with your healthy eating. Yes, it will be difficult. Yes, there will be temptation to overcome once again. BUT it is worth it and it’s what your body deserves.

To get my eating back in order, I’m going to be sharing what I eat with you in each of my posts this week. I will share 7 posts this week so that I can share what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner + any snacks. That way, you can also see what a typical week looks like for me 😉

Don’t forget, if you’re trying to get your healthy eating back on track, I’ve shared resources to help you.


Breakfast today: 2 scrambled eggs with Mrs. Dash, 3 slices all natural bacon and a banana. I had about half the amount of OJ shown.


Lunch today: Green beans with butter and salt. Ribeye steak marinated in:1/4 EVOO, 2T coconut aminos (or soy sauce), 2t McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak seasoning.

~ Kate



Amy Ayers
Amy Ayers

Thank you for sharing! I've been doing great since the new year.....except for Valentine's Day. It had been a stressful week prior to that with the blizzard that dumped over 2' of snow, the kids having 3 days of school cancelled, and an out-patient procedure with one of my doctor's. I indulged myself at Starbucks (a latte and a snack), and then a slice of the dessert I made for my husband. I will admit I did this knowingly, and I felt completely gross that night and the next morning. And I agree that it has been hard since then to get (and keep) myself back on track. I've been feeling much better the past couple of days, so I'm thankful that I didn't follow through on any other cravings I was having.


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