What an Average Paleo Day Looks Like (VIDEO)

5 Feb

I made another video for you! Lately, people have been asking about what exactly I eat throughout the week and on a daily basis. What does a typical day look like? Well, this post will explore just that. You may be surprised to find that I’m a pretty boring eater in that I like to eat the same things often. For example, I’m perfectly content with eating eggs, bacon and shredded sweet potato hash browns for breakfast, every day, for a week. Some of you won’t want to do that. You’ll need to mix it up more.

I also am a big fan of leftovers because that means I don’t have to make a new meal every single day. When you’re eating unprocessed food that is gluten/dairy/soy free that means you’re making most of your meals. So, leftovers can be a real time-saver. That’s where my slow cooker comes in! I can make meals that last for days with my slow cooker.

I’ve mentioned before that I like to keep things simple and under 8 ingredients whenever possible. That means that most of the recipes I make are super easy and not very time-consuming. I’m not a chef and I have no aspirations to be one.

All that said, I mention a couple recipes in the below video, which are listed here:

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~ Kate

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