The Trouble with Spouses (aka When His Isn’t Hers)

10 Jan

KateUpdates his-and-hers

Despite the fact that one of the main reasons I started eating Paleo was because of my husband’s heath issues, Daniel just isn’t getting into the whole “Paleo thing” as much as I’d hoped or as quickly as I thought he would. And sometimes, that really poses a challenge for us. I’ve been thinking about it lately so I thought I’d share some thoughts on this topic and you can chime in as to whether you relate, can share some tips or maybe this post will simply let you know that you’re not alone in the “his and hers” diet dilemma.

Don’t get me wrong … Maybe you’re a guy eating Paleo and your wife just isn’t into it. Or maybe you’re a parent whose having a hard time getting your entire family to eat Paleo (I don’t envy you if that’s the case.) What I’m saying is, I sometimes catch myself admiring those couples that are both into eating healthy together and you should count your blessings if you fall into that category. For the rest of us, not being on the same page dietarily poses some unique challenges.

For example:

  • How often do you eat out?
  • Do you make separate meals?
  • How can you customize meals so that you both enjoy them?
  • Where can you eat out that you both will like?

You can’t really find Paleo-friendly options at a greasy spoon and eating solo just doesn’t sound as romantic, ya know? Daniel is a steak and potatoes guy. He keeps it simple and when he finds something he likes, he rarely deviates from it (much to my chagrin when it comes to sweet potatoes.)

I’m still learning how to be creative in this arena. Breakfast is no biggie for us because we leave the house at different times and lunch is OK too. Dinner is the meal that creates the ever-reoccurring challenge for us. Not just because I’m eating Paleo and he’s not right now but also because he loves eating-out. We both used to go to restaurants all the time and that’s a challenge for us now.

Right now, I’m focusing on finding Paleo-friendly options that he likes. It involves a lot more cooking and time. We also have a quick list in our heads of places that are suitable for my diet and his tastes (Panera, Chipotle, Aladdin’s, steak houses, 5 Guys Burgers and Fries)

One of the ideas that he had that I love is to create a physical menu of places that are OK for me to eat out with him. That way, when I’m really hungry, I can avoid a food crisis and with a quick-reference guide.

How about you? Are you and your spouse on the same diet page? What challenges do you face when it comes to meal planning?

~ Kate


Just curious what you order from 5 guys? I'm sure you can get a burger with no bun and maybe wrapped in lettuce? I just looked and they use peanut oil. Is that just one of those things you see as an every-now-and-then OK thing? Sorry for the questions, my hubby is the same as yours...while he wants to be healthier, he just doesn't like (or prefer) vegetables, even sweet potatoes.


Totally understand ! While I have after some struggle gotten my family to eat healthy for the most part, my husband and kids will give me a look of horror if I offer to make green smoothies or something that seems weird to them. I have come to the point where I sneak some stuff into their smoothies ( I have a vitamix , so everything gets mixed in fine :) and just drink green drinks solo. To my kid's credit though, my oldest loves seaweed and my youngest counts edamame her favorite snack , both habits my husband swears they got from me. I like eating alkaline while my husband likes meat, so I have an alkaline paleo kind of diet at home !

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