Stand-Up Desk: An Experiment.

25 Oct

So, Daniel was talking to me about how much sitting I do at my “desk job” compared to his job where he’s on his feet all day and he encouraged me to consider standing more throughout the day via a stand-up desk. I’ve seen a couple people on Twitter try it and I’ve heard that it can really increase energy levels. To be honest, haven’t read too much about it yet but after having a restless afternoon after sitting all day, I’ve decided to dive in and just try it!

Say hello to my make-shift stand-up desk!

I started using it this morning. The biggest PRO so far? Dancing at my desk!


So what do YOU think? Silly? Awesome-sauce? Any pros/cons compared to sitting on your tush all day?

I’m excited and think this is going to be fun …

~ Kate

P.S. Dancing as I type this ;- )

Hannah Kirkman (@hannahkirkman)
Hannah Kirkman (@hannahkirkman)

Interesting idea, Kate! I spend far too much of my day sitting down, so really curious to hear how you get on. I can imagine standing up for a few hours, but not sure I could manage it for the whole day.


I'll keep you posted! So far I'm feeling good. I definitely notice that I'm on my feet as opposed to my tush lol I'm hopeful! thanks for stopping by :)

Emma Deirdre
Emma Deirdre

This is genius! Did you get tired as the day went on or just wish you had created a playlist so you could dance all day? :-)


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