Top 10 Reasons Why Fall is the BEST!

23 Oct

  1. The Vibrant Colors.
    Whether it’s the subtle thickening of the clouds or the transformation in the color of the leaves that happens all too fast, I love all the colors that happen naturally during this season. They take my breath away every time.
  2. Biking.
    I love biking all the time but things get especially interesting during fall. Leaves fall as you ride, everyone is briskly walking to and from, the wind whips through my hair and makes my cheeks rosy.
  3. Fashion!
    I love adding scarfs into my wardrobe and breaking out my fall booths. Trench coats and cute hats … need I say more? I love taking new pieces that are popular (this year Leopard print is in by the way) and adding them to my closet to refresh my look. The colors are of course amazing too. I love all that a fall palate has to offer.
  4. Comfort foods.
    Whether it’s hot teas, coffee and cocoas or a warm, hearty soup or stew … I love them all! I’m especially excited to experiment with healthy spins on classic comfort foods this fall. I’ll share a post on that tomorrow btw :)
  5. Socks.
    They get their own category because I am a big fan of being barefoot. I’m always in my flip-flops during the warmer months but I do appreciate the comfy feel of socks for a few months out of the year. Sometimes it can be a tough transition for my feet since they don’t like to be confined but knee-high socks just exude cuteness and comfort so they quickly come around to the idea.
  6. Fall Activities.
    Fall is my favorite time to be outside! The weather is perfect in my book: not too hot and just starting to get cool. And I love to fit in fall activities like apple-picking, corn mazes, hay rides
  7. My Anniversary!
    This has only been a reason that I love fall for 3 years (10/03/09) but I loved fall so much that I crammed my engagement into 3 months just to have an outdoor, fall wedding.
  8. Long Drives/Road Trips.
    Some of my favorite road trips have happened in the fall: Chicago, South Carolina (you pass through WV, which is absolutely gorgeous this time of year) or just a trip to see family a couple hours away. Other then getting out there and actually walking around in the beauty of fall, going for a leisurely fall drive is a great way to take in the breathtaking changes in nature. It’s a great time to hit a national park, too.
  9. Cuddling.
    Need I say more? Whether it’s with your love or with that cute little niece or nephew, your kids or your puppy, fall = more cuddling.
  10. Change.
    Fall has always reminded that not only is change OK; change is natural. Fall is a tangible reminder that time is moving forward and I can take advantage of NOW and continue to transform my world or I can just let the seasons wash over me. I choose to transform, grow and then blossom into spring.

So what’s your favorite season and why?

~ Kate

P.S. Look for 5 Healthy (and Paleo) Fall Meals in my post tomorrow …


I love fall for some of the same reasons! All picture turn out beautiful in the fall, the smell of the fallen leaves, the sound of then rustling under your step, and the literal fall of the leaves from the trees when the wind blows. Great post and pictures. Lots of love.

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