How I Really Feel About Running

11 Oct

So, I think it’s time I get really honest with you guys … about running.

As I’ve said in my previous posts, growing up, I wasn’t part of a sports team and I didn’t have a regular workout routine. I went through periods of time where I would run (I guess at the rate I was going it would technically be considered jogging) with friends and it worked out well but it didn’t last long. I was a lifeguard for 3 years in high school (*ahem* home school to be completely accurate) and taught swim lessons, which I absolutely adored. I’ve always loved the water so I successfully went from my first beginning to swim class to a strenuous lifeguard certification course in a matter of months.

I guess that doesn’t sound so bad in the exercise department. I’ve actually done quite a bit, just never formed a habit long term. Truth is, I’ve always wanted to be a runner. More specifically, a type of runner that I affectionately call a “Gazelle.” I’m sure you know what I mean: a runner whose strides are long, body is lean and running seems to just flow so naturally it’s like a symphonic occurrence. I want to be a gazelle.

Not to be confused with a Cheetah, Gazelles are much more graceful and lengthy in their strides.

Here’s the problem: Although I’ve completed 6 (count em!) 5K’s in the past year, I have yet to be consistent enough in my running to move beyond that distance. I secretly want to be someone who completes a half marathon. Not a full marathon because that just sounds like physical abuse but a half would be quite an accomplishment in my mind.

The problem is, I haven’t really gotten to the point where I “like” running. I hear it all the time, I see it on Pinterest and runner’s blogs: Running is my stress relief! Running calms me! Running is the best!Really? Not quite there yet. My take sounds a little more like this: Running makes my head hurt. Running is cold and yucky. Running is hard. Just take a look at this video to see for yourself that I look completely exhausted and my normal positive demeanor is a little harder to come by:

This “30 Days of Fitness” challenge (#GetFit30 on Twitter) that I proclaimed earlier this moth, has been much more challenging then doing the Whole30 for me. That might sound hard to believe but it’s true. I have to pull myself together, shake myself up and get out there and do it every single day and sometimes, that’s really tough. Other times, I’m happy to do it and I always feel amazing afterward when I’ve really pushed myself. Have you been doing the challenge? How are you doing? What’s been great and what needs improvement?

I wanted to share this with you for a couple reasons. First, I think it’s important that you see this is challenging for me. Second, I wanted you to know what my goals/dream to be a gazelle are and lastly, to get your thoughts on the matter. Are you a gazelle? If so, how did you start out and how long did it take you to transform? Do you love running? Do you hate running? Do you have an exercise that you prefer over running?
Very interested to know.

~ Kate

P.S. Remember how I mentioned really liking swimming? Well, I’m back at it today. Here’s a picture of the gear I’m bringing in case you care to start yourself: A couple suits, lock for lockers, towel, goggles and swim cap. Oh and if you want daily inspiration, check out my Facebook page and subscribe to this blog.


It's so great that you are running. For me, it's a great stress relief and makes me feel amazing afterwards. I'm a pacer for our running group on the east side of Columbus and the session is coming to a close as people start to accomplish their goals to complete a half or full marathon. The support and camaraderie you get in a group like this is what really keeps you going, and helps you achieve new goals. I remember when I was training for my first full marathon, I had never run more than 13.1 miles at once before so it seemed a little daunting in the middle of training when we got to distances I had never thought I'd ever want or be able to do. But the experienced people in the group pushed me through and every new milestone distance I reached, we stopped - ever so briefly - so I could do a happy dance to celebrate the accomplishment. I also want to share that I think running longer distances is kind of easier than the shorter distances. I feel like you barely get going in just three miles. What I mean by that is it takes time for the blood to really get moving so I don't feel like I'm really loose enough to find that groove until I get past three miles. After that is when I really start to hit my stride and start to feel good and that I can really get some miles on my feet. Once you're ready to get in 4 miles, then 5, then 6, is really when you'll start to feel the difference from the 5k distance. And if you're like me, then you'll be disappointed when you only have the time to only get in 3 miles.


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