Food Conquered. Fitness? Do You Dare?

26 Sep

Do you dare ?


Whole30? Check.

Now with the sugar coated, ice-cream slinging monsters firmly locked away, I’m on to my next challenge: 30 Days of Fitness.

I’ve been thinking about it and I’d like to invite you to join me. Here are the parameters:

  1. Maintain a clean diet for 30 days (Whole30, Paleo or just straight up clean (unprocessed, healthy) eating.)
  2. Workout for a concentrated 30 minutes (at least) every day for 30 days. It doesn’t matter if it’s walking, running, Pilates, dancing … whatever! Do what sounds the most fun to you but just make sure you’re sweating a lot afterward. Work for it. Do something that makes you feel like you earned those 30 minutes and leaves you satisfyingly sweaty afterward. I’ll be doing a mixture of Pilates, strength training, swimming and *maybe* running :-)
  3. Weigh and measure yourself before you start, so that you can track your results. Note: Do not weigh yourself again until your 30 days are up.
  4. Optional: Keep a journal or calendar and write down what you did for your workout that day and how you’re feeling after each of your workouts.
  5. Reply in the comments below to say you’re IN it to WIN it for the next 30 days.
  6. If you haven’t already, join my Facebook page so that you can get helpful links/tips/recipes and stay accountable/encouraged.

That’s it! Let’s start tomorrow, September 27, 2012 and we’ll kick booty together until October 26, 2012 when we see what fabulous results we uncover … I’m excited~!
So …

Are you in?

I hope so! Reply in the comments below and let’s DO THIS :)
~ Kate



Since i'm 40 days away from running in my first marathon, I don't think I have a choice but to join your fitness challenge, i'm in! Though since I'm not finished with my whole30 until Wednesday 10/3. I won't be able to weigh and do measurements until 10/4. But I'm so curious the results and curious where i'll be at before the marathon. So I'll measure and weigh on 10/4 and again on 11/4 after the marathon. Good Luck!!

Ann @ Twelve In Twelve
Ann @ Twelve In Twelve

I LOVE this!!! Just finished the Whole30 - cannot wait to recommit to another 30-day challenge. Planning on continuing the food choices, but I love the idea of adding back activity - 30 minutes of ANYTHING per day. LOVE!!


I'm in! Finished my whole30 last week and need to keep the focus!

Julie Miller Curry
Julie Miller Curry

Im in!!! Im not good at all about exercising much. But i am going to do this. Going to need to be very motivated! But im ready to get rid of my tummy again!! Having a 1 year old isnt doing the job for me! :)


Same here, Amy! I want and need those endorphins! Glad you're in ...


I've been slacking on the fitness part in the past week, so I would say that I'm in! Probably why I've been kind of moody lately....not getting the stress worked out of my body.


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