Lunch Edition: I Finished the Whole30! The RESULTS & What Now?

24 Sep

… I did it!!!

It’s been 30+ days since I committed to do the Whole30 and I’m still in awe that I did it and I’m even more impressed by the results and changes I’ve seen. I’ve literally seen my body and mind do a 180! Speaking as an ex-ice cream junkie: I would not trade all of the ice cream in the world for the phenomenal results I have experienced over the past 30 days. Period.

If I were to describe how I feel right now in just three words they would be: Happy + Free + Fulfilled

The RESULTS Are In …

  • I feel amazing … I feel lighter, healthier, with no food guilt, happier and very satisfied with what I’m eating. I don’t feel chained to the relentless cycle of food guilt anymore. I feel leaner, I’m more confident, I’m sleeping more soundly. I have plenty of energy, too!
  • I’m experiencing changes that I haven’t seen in 10+ YEARS … As far back as I can remember, I have struggled with foods upsetting my digestive system, which would result in constipation and days without having a *ahem* bowl movement. Then, when things would happen, it would take forever and sometimes be painful. Guess what? For the first time in 10+ years I am completely REGULAR. I don’t feel any digestive problems and have daily bowl movements that are normal and uncomplicated. Forget special yogurts and pills – I just eat healthy and BAM, in under a month I’m a new person!
  • I didn’t have to take meds … during my period! This is HUGE. I have always had debilitating cramps and am miserable during this time of month. I seriously would crawl out of my skin if possible. I’d always have to use a combination of meds and heating pads. Always. So, this month, after seeing all the other positive changes in my body, I decided (around day #25, to go “cold turkey” and just see what happened. I had some anxiety about it but I did it and … I was OK!!  I felt a little discomfort and the usual “water weight” feeling but that’s it. WOW.
  • I feel in control of my eating … and I use self-control! I know how to make foods I can eat and I know what I can eat if I go out for a meal. I don’t have to measure, count or fret about eating too much. I usually eat less than I even think I will and my cravings for sweets are almost non existent. I eat about 2 servings of fruit a day max.
  • I know AND listen to my body … For the first time in my life, I feel like my body and I are truly in synch. I can tell right away if I’m getting full and … I WANT TO STOP. Think about that for a second. I’m not stuffed or overdoing it. I feel my body telling me, “Hey girl you’re getting full … I think we’re good down here.” And I listen. I want to listen. I have self-control. Same thing when it comes to sugar, my body tells me it’s had enough and I stop.
  • I lost 10lbs … OK, this felt very satisfying too – not gonna lie! It’s awesome to get the health benefits but I was really hoping for some weight loss too. I was worried around day 14-16 that I wasn’t going to see a very low number on the scale but by Day 23 I could visibly see differences in my body that were not just water weight. I didn’t measure any of my food and I didn’t count calories. I ate when I was hungry and I felt satisfied. When I wanted something sweet, I ate fruit and usually it was much less than I thought I wanted to in the first place. I haven’t seen this low of a number on the scale in years …
  • I lost 2 pant sizes … I had a funny experience trying on pants last week where I thought, “I bet I lost a pants size! I’m going to try a smaller pair on …” Even though they were a size smaller they weren’t fitting quite right so I tried different styles in a size 10. The sales lady looked at my puzzled and said, “You need a smaller size.” I about passed out! What?? You mean I need a size 8?! I’ve been a size 12 for years!! So, yeah, that was pretty rewarding :)

Things to Consider
I wanted to list any “challenges” that I saw during the Whole30 so that you have a heads up for when you take the challenge (because uh why the heck wouldn’t you?!)

  • You will have emotional days. In the firs 1-14 days there may be a day or two when you feel frustrated or emotional because of the changes you’re making. It’s your body going through withdrawal and it can be tough. But it DOES get better. It just takes about 2 weeks. By day 14 I felt really great.
  • I did have some digestive problems for a few days between days 12-20 where I felt really constipated and uncomfortable. This could be mostly due to my eating too much avocado though :)
  • You will realize that you may be sensitive to certain foods/ingredients. For example, I found out that nitrates make me really sick.
  • Changing your entire way of eating/living is going to take time. I don’t just mean the 30 days, I mean the hours of shopping and making meals. It will get faster though. You’ll get better at figuring out what to buy and what to eat.
  • This is unlike anything else you’ve tried so don’t compare. You don’t have to count anything, you don’t have to worry about your metabolism. There aren’t a lot of rules.

So … Now What?

I’m going to keep eating like this. I like the foods I’m eating. I will start experimenting with Paleo-approved desserts  (things with honey, maple syrup, coconut or almond flour but only sparingly.) Again, I would not trade how I feel for all the ice cream in the world. Actually, I can even eat ice cream if I want … with honey and coconut milk :)

When I finished the Whole30 this weekend, I decided to try a couple things to see how my body responded. I want to start “reintroducing” some items. I ate a slice of toast, I had a cup of milk and I had a couple potato pieces. Here’s what happened: I went kinda crazy in my head. From just a little bit of the “less healthy” food choices, I started to feel confused and have the old feelings come rushing back … In just a day I felt unsure of my food choices, I noticed Burger King again, cravings started creeping in and started screaming in my head and I started to feel like I was the control I had worked so hard to achieve …

But I didn’t lose control. I shut those cravings up and went right back to eating healthy the next day. I won’t be revisiting those old ways because that’s just not who I am anymore. I will of course, with travel and events have a “relax day” but when that happens, I won’t feel guilty or paranoid. Instead, I will enjoy it and then go right back to my regular, healthy eating habits. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Let me know if you’re doing the Whole30, if you’re done or if you’re considering it and have questions as I’m happy to help.

Also, if you’d like daily encouragement from a group of like-minded peers, check out my Facebook Page to share recipes, insights and motivation.

~ Kate

P.S. I’m so happy and proud of my mom and sister who started the Whole30 program today! Love you ladies!

Lindsey Whitney
Lindsey Whitney

Thanks for sharing! We just started 2 days ago in order to support my friend who wanted to do it, but I am feeling emotionally better already. I can't say I've noticed any other changes, but I am looking forward to day 14 or so! Lindsey @

Fit & Healthy 365 (@FitHealthy365)
Fit & Healthy 365 (@FitHealthy365)

Kate, Congrats on finishing the Whole30!!! That’s a big accomplishment! I find having clean ingredients on-hand and pre-cooking food like these Broccoli Egg Muffins ( makes a huge difference!! Good luck with your 30 day fitness challenge! I’m sure you’ll rock it :) Lydia ps. Feel free to connect with me on social media (found at Would love to share recipes, exercises, etc! pps. I found you from Gini’s #FF post :)


New to your blog. I am loving your updates! Congrats on finishing the whole30. :) I tried doing it a couple months back and failed 2 weeks in. I think it was the label on it. Ironically, now that I am NOT partaking in an official challenge, I am eating paleo pretty much 100% of the time. So, now that I realize that eating this way is what I crave on a daily basis, I figured I might try the challenge again here soon.

Kenny F
Kenny F

Kudos! Thanks for posting your results...I'm on day 25. I was eating pretty clean before, so i'm not sure if I'll see much measurable difference, but it definitely opened my eyes to areas of my diet I wasn't considering. All the best!


I just finished with Day 12 and the hardest part has been my husband's cravings. That's right, he craves sweets and cheese etc more than I do. He is already talking about getting pizza when the 30 days is up. I just don't want our eating to go right back to where it was. My biggest issue is eating out of boredom or just to munch on something. Congrats on completing the whole 30 days! :)


So excited and proud for you! I'm 9 days away and I can see the finish line. Though It's different than the finish line I thought I'd see with ice cream and pizza. It's filled with all the healthy foods I'm enjoying now, plus a few paleo approved desserts! Congrats and can't wait to share my experience and see how I'm feeling in 9 days. I'm planning the same thing after. There is a 30 day plan for athletics in the Practical Paleo book I bought and I would like to start that the day i'm done with the whole30 as it will get me to the day of the marathon and hopefully get me across that finish line in 4 hours or less. Thanks for Sharing and Keep up the good work!

Ann @ Twelve In Twelve
Ann @ Twelve In Twelve

Yes, yes, yes! It's been so neat to follow your journey - since I am doing the Whole30 myself (today is Day 28) - congrats on finishing, and coming up with a plan moving forward!!


I just finished my Whole30 as well. I am in the re-introduction phase; introduced wheat yesterday and I feel like CRAP. Man, I didn't event know that's how I felt when I ate it. Back to eating clean today. Thanks for sharing your blog, it was great to compare to my experience. Keep up the good work!


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